Update on the eruption in Fagradalsfjall mountain on 30-April-2021

This is a short update on the eruption in Fagradalsfjall mountain on 30-April-2021.

There has not been any major changes since last update. This are the noticeable changes since last update in the eruption in Krýsuvík-Trölladyngja volcano system.

  • Just one crater is now erupting. All other craters have stopped erupting but for now some of them might contain lava lake for now that might be creating a flow in lava tubes under the surface in the lava field. This process might not be visible on the surface.
  • A lot of activity now is in form of high lava arcs (correct word?) are now being formed in the one crater because of increased gas content of the lava.
  • Lava fields are slowly filling up all nearby valleys that it is flowing into. This is a slow process and is going to take months.
  • There are no signs the eruption is about to end.

No other updates have been reported so far. Rúv has installed a new web camera to give better view of the eruption. That camera can be found on YouTube Rúv channel.


I am going on a small vacation between 5th May and 10th May. That means next update about the eruption is going to be on 14th May. I don’t know if I can go to the eruption yet as that depends on the weather and the weather is always unstable in Iceland.

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  1. Jón, many thanks for your update, and wishing you an enjoyable vacation – let’s hope you get to see the eruption.

  2. Hey have fun and if you visit the sit just dont get tooo close please!

  3. Well, the eruption has become a bit more unique. It erupts for 7-12 min, then pauses for 2-3 min. When the eruption starts again, its rather large for 10 sec or so. Acting like a geyser. This started last night, and now a couple different areas are steaming. Various cams picking this up. Guess we shall see if another vent forms.

  4. I think the correct word is “lava fountain “ but you are doing good.

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