Eruption started in Sundhnúkagígar at 07:58 UTC on 14. January 2024

This is a short article. I’ll post new article later today or tomorrow when I’ve gotten some sleep.

Eruption started at 07:58 UTC on 14. January 2024 in Sundhnúkagígar area, the eruption fissure around 1 to 2 km north of Grindavík town. This eruption was proceeded with a large earthquake swarm along the dyke that was created and is now erupting.

New cracks formed in Grindavík town, resulting in more damage. That’s all the information I have at the moment. The edge of the lava is at the writing of this article around 400 meters north of closest houses in Grindavík town.

Next update is going to be later today hopefully. I’ve been working on new server computer and been awake for too long at the writing of this article.

3 Replies to “Eruption started in Sundhnúkagígar at 07:58 UTC on 14. January 2024”

  1. I have a hard time watching as peoples houses burn down. This was someone’s home. I feel so sad for them, but at least everyone has been evacuated and they had plenty of warning time. Hopefully they will be able to find places to go that can bring them happiness in the future.

  2. Yeah, fissure opened right into the edge of town, and destroyed some structures there. Before I went to bed, checked RUV cam, and caught the start of eruption. Was very cool to watch. Hopefully this will be the last along this dyke, or else the town will be in great danger for quite a long time. Iceland really is a dangerous place to live, especially now that we have entered a new cycle of eruptions that could last for many decades, and there other rift zones that could wake up at any time. Prayers for you all!

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