Update on the eruption in Fagradalsfjall mountain on 28-May-2021

This is a short update on the eruption in Fagradalsfjall mountain that is currently erupting and is part of Krýsuvík-Trölladyngja volcano system.

  • There have not been any major changes since last update. Minor changes seems to be happening but at the writing of this article, those changes have remained small.
  • Large lava fountain activity has stopped in later part of this week. There is still some lava fountain activity going on but it is minor based on what I’ve seen on the web cameras.
  • Lava is now flowing into Nátthagi. It is expected to reach Suðurstandarvegur road in 20 to 60 days depending on the lava flow into Nátthagi.
  • The western barrier for the lava has stopped the lava flow into Nátthagi at the writing of this article. Bad weather today (28-May-2021) has prevented any observation of the current situation in the eruption area. Its fog and heavy rain in this location currently.
  • Lava reservoir have formed in the lava field. They fill up slowly and then empty them self quickly into the lava field both on surface and with lava tubes that have formed in the lava field. This allows the lava field to expand quickly and without warning into new areas.
  • The lava field is slowly building upwards from the height it has been in recent weeks. Results of this is that soon the walking path to the viewing area on the ridge might soon be blocked by lava going over the area at its lowest points. This might only take few weeks to happen but that depends on how quickly the lava field builds up.

Other then this there has not been a lot of change in the eruption. This phase of the eruption might go on for months. There are clues that this is the first step in the building of a shield volcano or maybe a stratovolcano. What happens is a wait and see on this eruption.


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10 Replies to “Update on the eruption in Fagradalsfjall mountain on 28-May-2021”

  1. Yeah, it slowed a little, then back to more output like before. Outlet is getting clogged with what seems to be debris from wall collapses, so lava is having to rise higher in the crater, and is spreading out the sides more. Could be a flow direction change in the works. Real bad weather last couple days, but western wall is intact. Fog lifts enough at times to see. Kinda of cool watching the evolution of this event.

  2. Based on what I am seeing now there seems to have some changes during the bad weather. The crater wall seems to be lower than before. But the view is blocked by clouds and steam from the rain.

    1. It’s the outlet that is rising from lava over spill. There was a big collapse 2 days ago with a large amount of debris falling in the crater, much more than I’ve seen before. After that, the outlet changed with lava rising even higher before spilling out. This thing is growing a lot just outside the crater. That’s why the crater looks smaller. And yet, the channel is still intact. I thought it might find a new path, and create a new channel with the way it seemed to be going. Good viewing today

  3. The last few days some of the lava, particularly that flowing into Meradalir, seems to be different. It appears to be a much lichter color (grey) and it sometimes reflects the sunlight. You can see it very clearly on the camera placed north of Meradalir:

    Is there any known change in the lava composition, or any other reason why this new lava looks so different?

      1. Thanks! That makes sense.
        I was actually talking about this with my dad tonight and he had heard the same.

  4. The inner crater wall sure has thickened the last couple days. A major collapse sure could change the flow out of the crater with major debris in the way.

    This thing looks like a “pot-bellied pig” LOL!

  5. Was watching GutnTog YT video from Iceland. He was up on Stórihrútur (“Big Ram”) (highest point near the eruption) looking down, and looks like lava is flowing mainly into Geldingadalir, and North Meradalir through tunnels. North Meradalir is spreading now more east. South Meradalir, where the barrier is, isn’t seeing much activity at the moment, although spillover from Geldingadalir between the hills there could happen anytime. That would breach the last barrier I’m sure.

    Now I came across another video that was taken by a drone on the evening of June 2, and it shows lava coming up from the area of the first vent. If you look carefully, it may be possible that Vent 1 has reawakened under the current lava field there. I had heard a report from “Daily Iceland” (YT vid) earlier in May, that Vent 1 was active again, and confirmed, but have heard nothing more about it. Now I think that may be true. Geldingadalir is filling up quick. May also be the reason for the fluctuations in the main vent eruptive activity if lava is also being emitted from a smaller vent like Vent 1.

    Just a possibility. Could be underground lava tunnel from the main vent, too. Most of the activity being under the lava surface makes it hard to know, and a fissure opening under there wouldn’t necessarily be noticed, unless it was strong.

  6. This evening June 4 it looks like the lava is now flowing over the saddle between the two hills used as observation areas. It is hard to tell due to heavy fog/clouds, but the western earth dam is visible nearby. It may be overtopped soon.

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