Earthquake activity drops in El Hierro volcano

Earthquake activity in El Hierro volcano has started to drop off again. During the last 24 hour period there have only been something around 28 earthquakes. But earthquake activity did peak with 182 earthquakes during 24 hour period on Sunday 16. September 2012.

The earthquake activity in El Hierro volcano at 19:22 UTC. As can be seen here. Everything is quiet for now.Copyright of this image belongs to IGN.

It is hard to say what happens next in El Hierro volcano. But magma is still getting injected into El Hierro volcano at depth. Eruption is still an possibility while inflation continues at the rate it is going. There is always the chance that deflation is going to start in El Hierro volcano. Chance of an eruption in El Hierro volcano remains high. But when it might start it impossible to say at this point.

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  1. And any idea, is there volcano in epicenter of quakes? Wouldn’t the fault-caused earthquakes spread much wider area? There has been 96 quakes in last 48 hours.

    1. There are no volcanoes in this area. What you are seeing is earthquake noise. During swarms like this, the earthquake increase the background noise on the high-frequency band. Why that is I do not know.

      I am working on blog about the earthquake swarm on TFZ.

      1. But you can’t rule out that there could be many unknown volcanoes, or possibly new ones, as area is situated in divergent tectonic plate boundary. New volcanoes form easily there, and even island of Surtsey was formed in 1963.

      2. Surtsey Island is in fact just a volcano cone of an larger volcano. It is not a volcano in it self. It is just eruption vent. That is common in Iceland.

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