Strong earthquake swarm close to Geirfugladrangur on Reykjanes ridge

Yesterday (13. August 2023) an large earthquake swarm took place close to Geirfugladrangur (small rock island, population birds) on the Reykjanes ridge. The largest earthquake had a magnitude of Mw4,5 and was felt to Akranes town and possibly in other nearby towns on Reykjanes peninsula. There where not many reports about this earthquake being felt. Something above 400 earthquakes took place during the most active phase of this earthquake swarm.

A lot of green stars on Reykjanes ridge, a little off the coast of Iceland. Along with a lot of yellow dots showing the age of the earthquakes. A lot of dots showing earthquakes in other areas on the Reykjanes peninsula.
Earthquake activity on the Reykjanes ridge. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

This earthquake swarm seems to be ongoing. It is at the moment, at much slower rate than before. There are clues that suggest this might have been a earthquake activity connected to magma movements in this area. Its difficult to be sure, because this area is under the ocean and measuring what is going on gets more difficult as future away from land activity happens. Eruption at this distance is going to appear on the Icelandic Met Office SIL network.