Increased hydrothermal activity in Askja volcano

This is a short article about Askja volcano. Because I am getting information that are in my view slightly conflicting with each other.

It seems that an there has been a increase in gas and hydrothermal activity in Askja volcano and in nearby area because of inflation that is currently taking place. At the writing of this article the inflation in Askja volcano seems to have reached between 80mm to 100mm. The reports have been slightly difficult to place in a good picture of what is happening. That’s why I am limiting coverage about this until it becomes more clear to me what is going on.

The general advice from Icelandic Met Office is that people should not hike around Askja volcano or nearby area because of risk of gas and sudden eruption. There is no special earthquake activity at the moment and that makes it difficult to know what is going on. This might change without warning, as is sometimes the case with volcanoes.

4 Replies to “Increased hydrothermal activity in Askja volcano”

  1. Very interesting. Askja has shown some unrest earlier this year, and the inflation is very significant and stable. What is known about the magma chamber?

    1. The Askja magma chamber is in some type of rebuild phase after its collapse during the 1875 explosive eruption that created the current crater. It is going to take thousands if not hundred of thousands of years for the mountain to rebuild it self at this location.

    1. I did see this news. It is my personal opinion that Hekla volcano is back on the older eruption cycle. That is one to two eruptions during a century (100 years). I do think next eruption in Hekla volcano might happen between from 2040 to 2090 and possibly even later.

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