Changes in harmonic tremor in Meradalir valley eruption

This morning on (13-August-2022) at 06:30 to 08:00 UTC there was a sharp drop in harmonic tremor activity in the eruption in Meradalir valley. What happened is unclear, since no change has so far happened on the surface. From the looks of the harmonic tremor now, it seems that it is unstable currently.

Harmonic tremor plot on 0.5 - 1Hz, 1 - 2Hz, 2 - 4Hz, showing small drop in harmonic tremor around date of 13/08 as shown on the tremor plot
Harmonic tremor plot in Fagradalsfjall mountain, SIL station Fagradalsfjall (faf). Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

New fissures might be about to open up, this can happen both north and south of current eruption. New fissures might also open up on either side of current eruption if that is a path that the magma can take. What happens is unclear and it is impossible to know when that might happen. Depending on the were next eruption happens, might mean a lot when it comes to possible lava paths and possible road damage if lava flows over a important road on Reykjanes peninsula.


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3 Replies to “Changes in harmonic tremor in Meradalir valley eruption”

  1. Hi Jón, I hope you had a good weekend. How is the harmonic tremor progressing, or has it reverted to the rough pattern of how it has been since the new eruption started? I know it was reported that the northern part of the fissure is no longer emitting.

  2. This may mean the eruption will end or it could just mean that most of the magma is building up in other parts of the dike and a new fissure will open up. Besides that is what happened during the eruption at day 17, Today us day 16. Would be quite interesting, perhaps a pattern of behaviour to note with eruptions in this area.

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