Eruption confirmed in Fagradalsfjall mountain

This article is going to go get updated soon as possible or a new article is going to be written. This information is going to get outdated quickly. This is Krýsuvík-Trölladyngja volcano.

This volcano eruption seems to have started without any earthquake activity or major harmonic tremor as of writing of this article. More information later this evening.

Update at 22:46 UTC

Here is a web camera link from Rúv. It might work. But all the web cameras are getting heavy traffic now.

Update 22:56 UTC

This is the possible location of the eruption based on satellite images of the area. This is in eastern side of Fagradalsfjall mountain. This is from Icelandic Met Office.

Update at 23:13 UTC

This the first picture of the eruption. The fissure is about 200 meters long at the writing of this article. Picture is from Icelandic Met Office.

Update 00:05 UTC on 20-March-2021

Video of the eruption. Video from Icelandic Met Office. Downloaded from Twitter.

Update at 00:56 UTC on 20-March-2021

Here is a new video of the eruption on Rúv website.
Title of the article was also fixed.

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    1. Thank you Jon. Again, you are first to let us know what is going on with the eruption. I have been hanging on by my finger tips for weeks for this event to happen. Thank you, Thank you!!!

  1. Hi everybody out there.
    I need your help.
    On some youtube-streams from user “Livestream Events”, there’s in-screen a live eq/tremor plot embedded. I mean this one
    Does anybody know where it’s from? Or how to access that?
    Thx to you all!

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