Update on Bárðarbunga volcano cauldrons

According to latest news from Rúv on recent survey on Bárðarbunga volcano the cauldrons that appeared during the Holuhraun eruption (2014 – 2015) continue to grow in size and there has been increase in hydrothermal output in those cauldrons. Distance between the cauldrons is 800 meters and their depth is more than 100 meters. In one of the cauldrons a hot spring has been observed and strong sulphur comes from it. The water in the cauldrons no longer freezes due to heat. Rock has also been exposed that have never been seen before and have been under the glacier for thousands of years.

Video of the cauldrons can be seen here on Rúv News report. Everything is in Icelandic.

Sigkatlarnir í Bárðarbungu stækkað nokkuð (Rúv.is)

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  1. Great and very clear images, well worth looking at the video just for this. The carefully considered words of the expert, Magnús Tumi are telling for those who understand Icelandic. Another stage in the life of these couldrons has clearly been reached.

  2. It’s a pity that there is no English translation of the comments Magnús Tumi is making.
    Is it possible that you summarize in English in a few sentences, what he is saying about the cauldrons?
    For all the followers of your blog who doesn’t speak Icelandic?
    Thanks very much in advance!

  3. I don’t have the time now to do this. I am going to do this next weekend. This is not going to be a super good translation of what Magnús Tumi is saying.

  4. Did there appear new cauldrons in the caldera since 2018?

    Jon, comments are not listed under your articles here anymore, since the lay-out of your site changed . I guess it is still a bit under construction.

    1. This is a prepared layout. So this is just how it is. I had to update from the older layout since it was from 2010 and wasn’t working any more with mobile phones and all that. If you want to see what comment is most recent you can always use “recent comments” on the sidebar.

      I am looking for a better theme for this website. It might just take a while to find that theme.

    2. This are the same cauldrons that appeared during the 2014 eruption in Bárðarbunga volcano. The report is that there has not been any new cauldron forming. The existing one have just gone deeper and wider in recent months.

  5. Yes looking good Jon, I can still read the posts of Jack, Henk, Tina and all the other illustrious commentators.

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