Something is going on in Bárðarbunga volcano

This is little short on details as of yet. There is clearly something going on in Bárðarbunga volcano. I don’t know what at the moment, several earthquakes have appeared, the strongest one with the magnitude of 4,0 so far. I’ll post more updates soon as I know more.

The earthquake activity in Bárðarbunga volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

No volcanic harmonic tremor has been seen as of yet. That means no eruption for the moment.

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  1. Is there a working camera somewhere online? On livefromiceland .is no longer a camera of that area available. Or can it be seen on the Kverkfjöll camera? Thanks!

  2. 4 green stars so far (3.5, 4.0, 3.2, 3.9)
    Source IMO
    25.06.2016 13:45:01 64.674 -17.528 3.6 km 3.9 99.0 3.8 km N of Bárðarbunga
    25.06.2016 13:26:23 64.684 -17.465 1.1 km 1.3 90.02 5.7 km NNE of Bárðarbunga
    25.06.2016 13:18:57 64.667 -17.508 4.6 km 3.2 99.0 3.1 km NNE of Bárðarbunga
    25.06.2016 13:17:14 64.670 -17.537 2.2 km 4.0 99.0 3.4 km N of Bárðarbunga
    25.06.2016 07:19:44 64.625 -17.469 7.9 km 3.5 99.0 3.3 km ESE of Bárðarbunga

  3. Matbe it’s due to the new seismograph being installed recently? They said it would be more accurate.

  4. No Jen, the only camera that is working is at Grímsvötn (the Kverkfj0ll one is showing a picture from 29th of July 2015).

  5. Well if they went to the trouble of installing a new seismo,they mst think there must be something going on?Cough ….cryptodome.. cough 😉

  6. IMO:

    “Four earthquakes over magnitude 3,0 have occurred today on June 25th in the Bardarbunga caldera. The first earthquake occurred at 07:19 an had magnitude 3,5. An earthquake of magnitude 4,0 occurred at 13:17 and around 20 aftershocks have been measured; the largest ones of magnitude 3,2 at 13:18 and 3,9 at 13:45. The wave of earthquakes lasted between 13:15 and 14:00 but has settled down since then.”

  7. Sunday
    26.06.2016 18:19:45 64.622 -17.527 5.7 km 3.4 99.0 2.1 km S of Bárðarbunga

    1. Close approximation from Jon! Let’s see if this quake comes alone, or if more is to follow shortly…

  8. Think rather that the caldera collapses remains slow. Since a lot of Magma’s finally resigned. And that set the Caldera evokes the quake.

    1. Will the new seismographic station north west of BB appear on the SIL map in due course?

  9. Thanks for that link Mike.

    Heading south to Victoria for a few weeks. Son’s blueberry farm is gearing up for harvest. Means I will probably not be able to follow things as close as I would like. Somebody put a plug in Bardy till I get back!!!

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