Bárðarbunga volcano continues to inflate, gas readings unchanged

According to news report on Vísir.is (Icelandic), it appears that Bárðarbunga volcano is continuing to inflate at the same rate as it has been doing since the eruption ended in Holuhraun in the end of February 2015. Gas measurements from cauldrons that formed on the caldera rim during the eruption in 2014 show that gas output from Bárðarbunga volcano have not dropped during the last year and continue to be high. The glacier drop that formed during the eruption is now almost full of new glacier and snow from last winter. Nothing suggest that water has been collecting at the caldera bottom during the last two years.

The research trip to Bárðarbunga volcano was taken during the days of 3 – 10th of June. A new seismometer was also installed on the caldera rim. I don’t know if it’s a SIL station or not. If it is, it is going to appear soon on Iceland Met Office website.

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  1. Thursday
    23.06.2016 20:36:47 63.975 -19.301 2.1 km 3.2 99.0 11.8 km W of Landmannalaugar

    1. Still mainly clustered in the 5k depth range,which seems to be the zone for shallow magma reservoirs/emplacements?

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  2. Saturday 25.06.2016 07:19:44 | 64.625 | -17.469 | 7.9 km | 3.5 | 99.0 | 3.3 km ESE of Bárðarbunga

  3. Saturday
    25.06.2016 13:17:14 64.670 -17.533 1.8 km 3.8 99.0 3.3 km N of Bárðarbunga

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