Deflation stops in Krýsuvík volcano

According to Rúv News today. Deflation has stopped in Krýsuvík volcano. But this is the latest chapter in inflation and deflation episodes that have been taking place in Krýsuvík volcano during the past three years. It is unclear what happens next in Krýsuvík volcano. But an new inflation episode should not be ruled out at this point.

Lat inflation episode started earlier this year (2012) and stopped in May. Then an deflation episode started. It stopped sometimes in August 2012. It is impossible to know for sure when an new inflation episode starts in Krýsuvík volcano. But it is my opinion that is going to be soon. But how soon exactly is impossible to know. Inflation episodes in Krýsuvík volcano have been followed by strong earthquakes swarms. So that are the signs of an inflation period having started in Krýsuvík volcano.

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Landsigið er hætt í Krýsuvík (Rú

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  1. Hi Jon,
    hope you are well? iam just wondering has there been much ice loss in Greenland this year especially around the volcano’s? just i know that they are saying there has been record ice loss this year around Iceland

    1. Ice-melt on Icelandic glacier has been a lot this summer. But I do not have any numbers on that. I am not sure that I am going to have them.

      1. Do you know any graphs or maps giving information on the extent of loss in ice coverage, for e.g. Vatnajökull?

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