Small harmonic tremor spike from Hamarinn volcano

There seems to be a small harmonic tremor spike taking place in Hamarinn volcano (Bárðarbunga volcano) at the moment. This tremor spike is not strong at the moment. This tremor spike appears to have been pre-seeded by few long period earthquakes (not all of the earthquakes seen on Skrokkalda are from Hamarinn volcano, few are from Katla volcano), but that suggests that magma is on the move in Hamarinn volcano. But this would the second harmonic tremor in a time period of 48 hours it seems.

The harmonic tremor spikes can be seen at the end of this tremor plot. Copyright of this picture belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Currently it is impossible to know what happens in Hamarinn volcano. As it’s pre-eruption behaviour is rather unknown. But if there is a eruption in this area I am expecting a lot of earthquakes, with size well over ML3.0.

Blog post updated at 16:20 UTC.

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  1. Happy birthday… hope Hamarinn is not planning a birthday suprise for you !!

    1. Doesn’t mean much I noticed it on that first block of rise then it went to natural then spiked again. Now it seems natural again. Who knows if that will be it or if more spikes will come.

  2. Jon, do you know Hamarinn’s eruptive history? Is it known what VEI eruptions have happened there in the past?

  3. This always happens when I am out working.
    Just wondering if there’s any earthquakes in the area yet.

      1. That’s very unusual I think it has just been quiet on the quake front. I thought the quakes added themselves through the monitoring equipment?

    1. They must be running Windows, it’s so good at freezing the computer!

  4. I was about to comment despite the quietness to keep an eye on Skrokkalda.

    Yayyyy! I think I have finally identified a harmonic tremor all on my own!!! At last!
    Jon I do hope you are having a lovely day. The weather doesn’t look too bad for you. Will you be having a small party?

  5. Are there any html masters here ? Because I was trying to fix this web page for the person how hosts the Hekla geophone for me. But while trying to replacing the counter code, I managed to break the web site frames.

    Now I need to fix it somehow. But I am poor in html. What needs to be done is to get the images to the centre of the web page. It also has to scale correctly.

    Thanks for the help!

      1. I meant try inserting a after on line 316

        (of course without the spaces)

      2. Try inserting a closing "/DIV" html tag on line 316 after the "/CENTER" tag

        (I wonder if I will be able to post this correctly)

      1. Still got probs?
        I do know html and did create many webpages with it.
        This code was done with frontpage?
        I did take a look at the sourcecode, many many unnecesarry code in there.
        Straight html-code (done without any editors) works much better.
        And is the best place to learn and try out the code

  6. Jón:
    A small birthday gift in your account.
    Happy Birthday once again.

  7. Happy birthday Jon, hope u had a relaxing day and cool beer too.

    Has Gola station gone off the map for anyone else

  8. That latest spike is on all stations again, has there been a big quake somewhere?

    1. Harmoic tremor spike at SKR station seemed to be rising just before that.

  9. Hi, this is my first comment at this very interesting blog. The last weeks volcanic activity is very exiting, I have followed the met. site since eyjafjallajökull last year. I checked this site today: and discovered that there are 3 warnings about activity in Iceland – Hekla, Katla and Vatnajökull! Is this special – or is it normal for Iceland to have this much activity? Happy birthday to you, Jon Frimann, and keep up your good work. 🙂

  10. It’s back working again. Showing a red dot in Mýrdalsjökull. Very tiny though, barely on the scale.

    1. Could it be that if there’s been a system downtime and earthquakes occurred during that, they have to be added manually to the public website?

  11. Blimey it seems it was just quiet, katla area just had a little baby earthquake.

  12. What is that structure in the foreground of the Hekla View webcam?

  13. Several small new earthquakes in the Katla area, 3 of them happened around the same time…no major sizes though.

    1. Katla is always having quakes, even when it isn’t restless so until you see hundreds of them in a span of one day, a handful of them in any one hour means nothing really.

  14. up to four red dots on now in the katla caldera i believe, with another red one to the NW of it! No new measurement on the most recent one, out of the other, one broke the M1 bar

  15. re’ recent Katla video and the ice craters that have water in. I am curious of all the water. It looks like the deep blue sea. Like the tip of an iceberg in reverse Is that effect like a trick of the light and ice? There seems to be a scum floating on the surface. The water looks almost too blue to be a reflection of the sky alone. Like an old china clay mine in Cornwall in the UK, full of chemicals from the mining process.
    The obvious lower ash layer from EJ in the small yet deep vent stuck out too, there were more layers of ash and other interesting things I expect but the video was Internet quality, not a moan about quality thankful to have seen it at all. Did anybody take stills of the craters with water in?

    1. It’s a trick of the depth of the water, (probably light,) and the color of the sky on the water that has melted into the crater. Haven’t seen any stills (remember it’s size compared to the helecopter, the craters are huge).

      1. Well, they are all loading up now but a couple of hours ago about half the SIL stations had broken links and weren’t coming up at all.

        I think that could just be natural/noise at ASK since it looks like a gradual and not sudden jump up from the background levels.

        The spike at the end of a lot of the stations seems to be from a 1.6 at Katla.

  16. A sharp 1-pixel spike on Katla SIL stations suggests to me that here have been some sizable earthquakes in the caldera.

    1. Sunday
      17.07.2011 11:43:04 63.641 -19.097 4.6 km 1.6 90.01 6.8 km N of Hábunga

      1. Couple of earthquakes around that part of the country this morning, that might be what the spikes are.

    1. This might actually be noise rather then actual harmonic tremor. As there are few volcanoes nearby and the ones that are close to this station are currently quiet.

  17. The earthquakes around there where off shore, I’ve been eyeing the swarm there the last few days. Not sure if it’s on an underwater volcano or not. There always seems a lot off earthquakes at the fracture zone though.

  18. I see IMO have now added some quakes that were missing from yesterday.

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      1. You’re welcome- you could do it to pay your debt too- if you’re up front about it with the project you set up and explain your goals- to pay debt and to get equipment to set up your volcano activities. you seem to have a lot of people here sympathetic to your situation so its worth a shot- you have nothing to lose! Really wish you the best- a million hits is suggesting this is really working for you! 🙂

      2. I am also looking into that. But it would help this along if I got rid of this debt some way.

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