Earthquake swarm in Krýsuvík-Trölladyngja volcano

Yesterday an earthquake swarm started in Krýsuvík-Trölladyngja volcano. This earthquake swarm doesn’t appear (it might be connected, but it is difficult to know currently) to be connected to the inflation that is happening at Fagradalsfjall volcano. Largest earthquake in this earthquake swarm had a magnitude of Mw3,0. This earthquake swarm took place just south-west of Kleifarvatn lake.

Green star just south-west of Kleifarvatn lake in Krýsuvík volcano. Where few smaller earthquakes have been taking place in a small location in Krýsuvík volcano.
Earthquake activity in Krýsuvík volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

This earthquake swarm doesn’t seems to indicate an magma movement. There has not been any indicators (clear) that Krýsuvík-Trölladyngja volcano has gone active. It remains a dormant volcano.