Earthquake swarm east of Grímsey island

Yesterday (23. May 2023) at 19:22 UTC an earthquake swarm started east of Grímsey island. Largest earthquake had a magnitude of Mw3,8 at the writing of this article. This earthquake swarm is ongoing. The largest earthquake was felt in Akureyri and other nearby towns.

Green star, red and yellow dots east of Grímsey island. With other red and yellow dots and blue dots on other places on the map. Time of the map is 24. May. 23. 18:40 (Icelandic time)
Earthquake activity east of Grímsey island. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Around 130 earthquakes have happened in this earthquake swarm so far. This area of Iceland has frequent earthquake activity. This earthquake swarm might increase, as they sometimes do in this area. It is impossible to know when this activity is going to stop. It took me a little longer to write this article, because this is a frequent earthquake area and I was also trying to get a little break (I also have to do other things outside of this) in next few days from geology. How that goes is to be seen.

I also want to point people out that I have set-up a website that shows Icelandic Met Office harmonic tremor charts and other information for that area.

Harmonic tremor on SIL stations in Iceland

I also have a webicorder website with an earthquake recording that I run. I am trying to figure out how to install and run seismometer in Iceland again. Its a slow work in progress for me because of the technical problems I am dealing with.