Earthquake swarm in Fagradalsfjall volcano

Today (27. December 2022) an earthquake swarm took place in Fagradalsfjall volcano. This earthquake swarm was small in magnitude, as most earthquake swarms are in Fagardalsfjall volcano.

Orange dots in Fagradalsfjall volcano, showing the small earthquakes that happen in Fagradalsfjall volcano today.
Earthquake activity in Fagradalsfjall volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Largest earthquake in this earthquake swarm had a magnitude of Mw1,7. Depth of this earthquake swarm (4 to 8 km) suggests that it was a dyke intrusion that did not reach the surface. This earthquake swarm looks like its over, but experience shows that once this type of earthquake swarms start to happen in Fagradalsfjall volcano, its not long until an eruption happens. When that eruption starts is impossible to know.