Earthquake swarm in Brennisteinsfjöll volcano

Today (21-October-2022) an earthquake swarm took place in Brennisteinsfjöll volcano. Largest earthquake had a magnitude of Mw3,0 at 10:23 UTC. This earthquake swarm is possibly over, it is however difficult to be sure.

Red dots in Brennisteinsfjöll volcano on Reykjanes peninsula, located just south of Reykjavík city and east of Kleifarvatn lake. A lot of yellow and orange dots on the map in few volcanoes showing smaller earthquake activity
Earthquake activity in Brennisteinsfjöll volcano and other nearby volcanoes. Picture is from Icelandic Met Office.

This is probably just a tectonic earthquake activity. But it is worth noting that volcano activity as has been seen in Fagradalsfjall volcano (Iceland newest volcano) is going to move east on Reykjanes peninsula. How fast and how long that change is going to happen is not known because of lack of data and written records from 700 to 900 years ago are incomplete and vague on details at best.