Volcano eruption is about to start in Grímfjall volcano

It appears that a volcano eruption is starting in Grímsfjall volcano. I am going to post more updates about this when I know more.

No official word from Icelandic Met Office or Rúv yet. But should not be long until that a announcement is given.

This has been confirmed by a news on Morgunblaðið (mbl.is)

Gos að hefjast i Grímsvötnum (mbl.is, Icelandic)

29 Replies to “Volcano eruption is about to start in Grímfjall volcano”

  1. Could you add some links so we can follow in real time relevant data?

  2. Has the eruption been confirmed yet or it it just speculation or about to go?

  3. Interesting to see the earthquakes off to the south of the icecap. Is that a sign that a jokulhlaup may be coming?

    1. Nah, those are just ghost quakes. This seems to be a ‘regular’ Grimsvötn eruption.

      1. I don’t think so. Well not all of them:

        21.05.2011 18:49:40 64.154 -17.642 1.1 km 3.3 90.01 30.2 km ENE of Laki


  4. Wow… many earthquakes appeared in a very short period of time on the vedur.is earthquake website!
    Is there any more data to look at, at the moment?

  5. Tremors are showing up on the SIL stations on the Keflavik peninsula!

  6. Jón:
    You said it “was too calm”!
    Yeahhh! 🙂

  7. Jón:
    If a jökullhlaup occurs will we be able to see the waters rising at Jökulsárlón webcam?

      1. Excuse me Jón, if you are not too busy could you provide the link to this camera?

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