Donations needed for May

The month of May is going to be really difficult for me financially. The reason is the same one as in April. I have to pay the extra tax in Denmark for the year 2019 (two months). The good news is that I have one month left of this payments. The last payment is going to be in June and after that I should be clear of any more tax payments in Denmark. I might have to pay next year (2021) for the 1,5 months I lived in Denmark of the year 2020 but by that time I won’t have this huge amount of payments as I do now so it might be a less of a problem for me to pay it by then.

Current situation is that I am completely broke and have been for several days now. That situation is just bad. I am currently tracking the activity on Reykjanes and Reykjanes peninsula as it develops and changes with time. Along with the usual activity that I monitor in Iceland.

Thanks for the support. 🙂

Update 15th May 2020

Thanks to a donation that I got was able to buy food for several days (I just placed in the small freezer I have) and to take it slightly easier for few days where I live in Iceland. I have resolved the current problem from June in such a way that I hope June, July and August won’t be too bad months for me. I had to delay finishing paying the Danish tax because I was unable to afford finishing paying it in June as I had hoped. That is just how this is for now for me. I hope that by start of next year (2021) I am going to be free of this problem with money. At least for a little while.

Update 27th May 2020

Turns out that June is not going to be better for me because now I also have to pay Icelandic taxes on top of Danish taxes. I don’t know the total taxes I have to pay in Iceland for the year 2019 since that information is not released until 28th of May. I am hoping that July is going to be better but that depends on when I pay the Icelandic tax. I might delaying paying it until 1st of July because I can’t afford this month and one extra day of not paying is not that bad but it gets delay interests on top of the amount that I need to pay. Delaying payment until 1st of July also means that I have to pay double that month. I’ll see how to deal with this problem. Because this is a problem for me.

The good news in all of this financial mess is that I am slowly reconstructing my financial system in such a way that instead of being debt based, they are going to based on what I can afford to pay without getting me self into debt. It is going to take some work to keep and run but it is going to be worth it in my own view.

Update 28th of May 2020

I am now looking into lowering my website hosting costs. This would mean moving my website to a different type of hosting. I am currently checking to see if I can use hosting platform for this since hosting there only costs $25/month or $300/year. Compared to $235/month ($2820/year) that I am currently paying. The hosting costs is a part of my financial problem and as part of my reconstruction that costs needs to go down from what currently is. I don’t know if I would be able to provide any updates for my webicorders since that setting would not allow for it since that requires a ftp setup and a folder for the html website. I would need to host such website my self at later time.

I am going to move to a VPS hosting (55GBP/month) that is cheaper and add cloudflare account (free or $20/month) to my domain to handle all the traffic spikes I get when a volcano erupts in Iceland.

Turns out that VPS is too small for my websites. What I am going to do is to switch to a cheaper dedicated server located in the UK by July or August. I am also going to start working again because current situation is ridiculous and I cannot maintain this. I didn’t plan on working this summer but this is what I need to do and this is what I am going to do.