Closing down the email postlist

For the last few years I’ve been running a basic email postlist that seeks out new articles from this website few hours after I post them. Because of changes from mailchimp that I’ve been using I’ve made the chose to close down the postlist from next Saturday. I recommend that people find a RSS client to get updates when I post new articles about earthquake and volcano activity in Iceland.

Update 14th October

I have now closed down the email poslist and deleted my mailchimp account (that I had been using since 2013). I only used the free version of the email since that was the only thing I needed. If I ever create a new email postlist. It has to be a solution that I can run my self. If that happens is I don’t know yet. Since technical solutions can be difficult when it comes to email subscription lists.

Iceland Geology YouTube channel

I’ve made the chose to start Iceland Geology channel. This is going to allow me to upload geology information in video format. How that is going to evolve is unclear, but I am going to work on this slowly over the next few years.

Iceland Geology YouTube channel can be found here. I have uploaded few videos, but since the channel is just recently in use I am still going trough verification process with YouTube. That limits my number of uploads until those are lifted. Since I am for now just uploading older videos that I’ve recorded in last few years.

Information for webicorders (online again from May or June) and e-mail postlist signup website are now under Iceland Geology menu option.

Support needed for September

As the title says. I need support for September. The reason being that this month seems to be rather more difficult than I expected, August was also difficult for me. I only get (for now) around 247000 ISK a month in social welfare, in other currencies that’s about 1732 USD, 1727€. That is not enough because in Denmark I pay for most bills for 3 months at the time and few bills monthly. I wish all bills where monthly, but that is not how the system works in Denmark (there is a slow change to paying monthly, but many companies continue to require three month payments).

Currently, I got a surprise phone bill (because I assume that all bills that I get at the end of month, is what I have to pay, this phone bill arrived at the start of September, with payment due soon) and that’s a problem because I can’t afford to pay it as is. The amount is 796 DKK (107€, 107USD). Then I have to buy food for the rest of the month.

I am waiting on extra payments connected to my social welfare. When they start I don’t know, because that is in a system that doesn’t update me on progress and is between Denmark and Iceland social welfare system (this is government stuff). Until this payment start, that are going to bring me to local Danish social welfare income level. I am going to have problems. I am trying to control this best as I can, but sometimes I just don’t manage to do so, since my income is low and that is a problem. I hope one day that I won’t have this problem, but that day is not this month. Sadly.

Thanks for understanding and the support. 🙂

Update 1

Thanks to donations. I can now pay the phone bill and have enough left to buy food for few days.

Updates start again from 5-July-2022

In the recent weeks I have been moving to Denmark from Iceland. This is a process that takes time and limits what I can do for the next few days. I no longer have a seismometer in Iceland since running it from Iceland proved to be an impossible task. It is also made more difficult by the fact that hardware and the software that I have is old and no longer maintained.

I don’t know when I can afford upgrading to a new hardware. It is going to take a while until that happens. I am going to have my own seismometer in Denmark. That is going to allow me to record strong earthquakes in the Mediterranean sea area.

Those who want to monitor live earthquake detection in Iceland can do so on Raspberry Shake website here. My normal seismometer can be viewed here, once it’s back online on the internet. I already have the seismometer it self up and running, but I have some work left until everything is connected again. I also have to wait for a new internet connection in Denmark. I have to wait for that for a while, but I hope to have Danish internet connection by end of June at the latest.

I won’t post this article on social media.

Update 08-June-2022

According to the internet company that I did order my internet from in Denmark. I’ll not get an internet connection until 5-July-2022. Until then, updates are going to be limited.


Since moving and everything around it is horribly expensive I need donations to survive the month of June. That allows me to survive the month of June and until my situation starts to get more stable. If you donate by bank, please update your information to the Danish bank account. Thanks for the support. 🙂

On a little break until end of January 2022

I made the chose to go on a little break. While this is just a writing break from activity reports, unless there’s an eruption or a large earthquake. I am going to be on a break until end of January 2022. I need this break, because for the last 12 (close to). I have been writing on this website with almost no breaks, or few short ones at most. Because of increase in activity in Iceland, I now need to increase my breaks between large events, like eruptions or large earthquakes. This gives me to time to recharge my batteries before the next large events start in Iceland.

This also is going to result in that I won’t write about smaller events in Iceland. This is possibly a temporarily solution to make my workload a slightly less and allows me to attend to other projects (that I much need to do). Like write about what is happening in space on my Spacewatch website (that I’ve been neglecting for too long) or write few short stories that I’ve been thinking about for a while and put them up on my Stories of Infinity website. I won’t start writing new stories until I move back to Denmark though.

This article is not going to be published on the social media. Since I am slowly trying to reduce my dependence on social media for a good reason that most people should aware of now what is.

Donations needed for October

I always hate to write this type of article. But it can’t be helped in my situation. Currently I am broke due to extra cost of buying new hard drives for my main computer so it remained useful and I still have some more hardware to renew and buy in next few months. While I have installed Google Adsense its going to be a while until it starts working for me properly. Since until I am back in Denmark I’ll run it in low mode and I might have to disable it for few weeks so I won’t go over few limits that Google Adsense has until I have moved back to Denmark (complicated reasons I’ll not write about currently).

I hope people can support me and my work here with donations. It helps me keep working on this website and keep everything updated when something happens in Iceland. Thanks for the support.


I have to keep PayPal as it is the only way to let people donate to support my work. I’ll switch to Danish PayPal once I have moved back to Denmark. I don’t know if I am going to have have the monthly donation possibly since that option did only have little usage.

Bank donations

If you are donating with a bank. Please update your donation information to my Danish bank account. Information can be found on my donation website here. The reason for this change is increased economic instability in Iceland with the currency (ISK). That is among many other things has been making my life difficult during the last few months.

Article updated on 13-October-2020 at 02:46 UTC.
Article updated on 14-October-2020 at 03:53 UTC.

Ten years of earthquake and volcano articles

It’s been ten years since I started writing about earthquake activity in Iceland. First articles are from 27th September 2010 as can be seen here. At the beginning I used to call this website Iceland, earthquake and volcano blog if my memory is correct. I changed this to Iceland geology so I would be able to cover all aspects of Iceland if I needed too. Along with other few minor experiments over the years that failed but are recorded into this website history. Over the last 10 years I have only covered four eruptions. This are those eruptions.

Grímsfjall – May 2011 – Major eruption
Katla – July 2011 – Minor eruption
Hamarinn – July 2011 – Minor eruption (same week as Katla volcano minor eruption)
Bárðarbunga – August 2014 to February 2015 – Major eruption

Most of this website lifetime it has been a sub-domain website on my (Icelandic) website. This summer I made the chose to change that as that allows me to do more and to keep it separate from my main website if needed for any reason. I hope that I can continue to write about Icelandic volcanoes and earthquakes for the next ten years, just slightly less broke would also be nice for the next ten years.

I want to thank everyone that has supported my work over the last ten years. It has helped keep me working and keeping this website going for the last ten years when everything seemed impossible.