Closing down the email postlist

For the last few years I’ve been running a basic email postlist that seeks out new articles from this website few hours after I post them. Because of changes from mailchimp that I’ve been using I’ve made the chose to close down the postlist from next Saturday. I recommend that people find a RSS client to get updates when I post new articles about earthquake and volcano activity in Iceland.

Update 14th October

I have now closed down the email poslist and deleted my mailchimp account (that I had been using since 2013). I only used the free version of the email since that was the only thing I needed. If I ever create a new email postlist. It has to be a solution that I can run my self. If that happens is I don’t know yet. Since technical solutions can be difficult when it comes to email subscription lists.

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  1. Thank you for maintaining the email list for those years! As I’m not familiar with rss feeds, how should I do this? I would like to read your future articles.

  2. Sad to hear this, I’ve been receiving these emails for many years and found them very interesting. Installing an RSS client specially for this is however a step too far for me. I wish you all the best for the future!

  3. Sadly Jon I have to agree with Taco have no RRS and no idea how to get one and having enough trouble setting stuff up with all the issues we are having in Canada with Rogers being allowed to take over Shaw and no idea how long my email address is going to remain live as it is , so Its has been Awesome being able to read the updates from you . All the best , Jack.

  4. Hi Jon, this is sad news for me, amongst all the emails I get yours is the one I look at first. No sure what an RSS is but I’ll look into it.
    Thanks for your emails. Best wishes

  5. Hi, I am ignorant of an RSS client … could you please recommend an easy to install, use and maintain one that´s free, maybe ?

    Thank you very much for keeping this service going.
    Shure it can´t be continued ??

  6. The problem is that most of the mass email services have now started to require (or are going to start in the near future) subscription for this service. Even small email lists like the one I’ve been having for years. That free service has now been limited and is going to continue to get limited until I’ll have to pay for it.

    As detailed here, (this is also a email service company, but they are going to go the same path in the end.)

    I’ve been looking at RSS client programs. RSSOwl is a old program that works, but its old with last update being published in 2013 so it might stop working for no reason.

    Other RSS program that is at is being properly updated is RSSGuard, but it requires a bit to install.


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