Donations needed for March 2020

One of the worst thing with being on social welfare in Iceland (in my current situation anyway) is that my income is low and it doesn’t take a lot to have the situation that I don’t have a enough money to last me the month. This situation has shown it self now in March 2020 and that is why I am now asking for donations to help me deal with rest of the month. I don’t know when the situation is going to start to improve for me on the money side. That might not happen until July or end of the year 2020. I am trying to do my best with the little income that I have and some months that just isn’t enough.

If people can support me this month and possibly more months in the year 2020 it is most welcome. I put a lot of work in this website and try to keep everything updated with all the newest information that I can find and provide. Thanks for the support. 🙂

Update 23 March 2020

It is now clear that I have to run advertisements on my websites in order to increase my income from this website and not just trust on donations. While Amazon advertisement don’t bring in a lot of income they bring in some payments every few months. I am sorry for this, but trying to keep this website advertisement free has just failed and there is nothing I can do about it.

Update 28 March 2020

Turns out that I have to pay tax in Denmark for November and December 2019. Its not a lot but enough to create problems for April for me. This means that I am going to be rather broke in April 2020 and since I am going to pay the taxes I owe in Denmark in April just to get rid of this tax debt. I might have to pay a little amount next year (2021 for January and February 2020) but that might be easier to deal with I hope. I’ll know about that next year. Please remember to support my work since it helps me getting trough problems like this. I know that a lot of people are going trough hard times now so if you want to support my work just make sure that it is not effecting your fiances personally. Thanks for the support and understanding. 🙂