Donations needed for March 2020

One of the worst thing with being on social welfare in Iceland (in my current situation anyway) is that my income is low and it doesn’t take a lot to have the situation that I don’t have a enough money to last me the month. This situation has shown it self now in March 2020 and that is why I am now asking for donations to help me deal with rest of the month. I don’t know when the situation is going to start to improve for me on the money side. That might not happen until July or end of the year 2020. I am trying to do my best with the little income that I have and some months that just isn’t enough.

If people can support me this month and possibly more months in the year 2020 it is most welcome. I put a lot of work in this website and try to keep everything updated with all the newest information that I can find and provide. Thanks for the support. 🙂

Update 23 March 2020

It is now clear that I have to run advertisements on my websites in order to increase my income from this website and not just trust on donations. While Amazon advertisement don’t bring in a lot of income they bring in some payments every few months. I am sorry for this, but trying to keep this website advertisement free has just failed and there is nothing I can do about it.

Update 28 March 2020

Turns out that I have to pay tax in Denmark for November and December 2019. Its not a lot but enough to create problems for April for me. This means that I am going to be rather broke in April 2020 and since I am going to pay the taxes I owe in Denmark in April just to get rid of this tax debt. I might have to pay a little amount next year (2021 for January and February 2020) but that might be easier to deal with I hope. I’ll know about that next year. Please remember to support my work since it helps me getting trough problems like this. I know that a lot of people are going trough hard times now so if you want to support my work just make sure that it is not effecting your fiances personally. Thanks for the support and understanding. 🙂

Donations needed for November

I have almost paid all the bills for November and I don’t have any money left for rest of the month and none bill ($15USD, my online backups).

The reason for current problems is fast debt payment with my bank in Iceland in November because of me moving to Denmark and because how October did go for me the problems I was having then stretched into November. I don’t know yet if they are going to reach into December that is something I won’t see until later.

I am so broke now that I can’t even buy a toothpaste and toothbrush in Denmark. I spent the last few euros (I made a trip to Germany that’s nearby) to buy some food with the last few euros that I had.

I hope that people can support my work and me through this problematic time. If anyone is wondering why this keeps happening the main reason is that the Icelandic government is not paying people on welfare a living wage. Welfare like I am on is now ca 90.000 ISK (ca 652€/$722 USD/4.868 DKK) below minimum wage in Iceland. That creates problems for anyone on welfare in Iceland.

Update one

Currently I only have 0,26€ left. This is outside few euro coins I have but I have exhausted that from today. This is the worst situation I’ve been in when it comes to money for a long time. I have one donation on the way to my Danish bank account with PayPal but there seems to have been some type of delay so I don’t have that money yet. I just hope it isn’t lost in transfer to my Danish bank account.

Thanks for the support. 🙂

Please note that I am now moving to Danish PayPal account and I hope to update the buttons soon. I just have to finish the verification process first with PayPal before I can do so.

Article updated on 11-November-2019 at 18:30 CET.
Article updated on 11-November-2019 at 18:35 CET.

Donations needed for moving

I hate to ask for this but I don’t have any other options. I also hate the fact that I am poor.

Currently I am moving to Denmark and I have hit a problem. The total cost of moving my belongings is 329.140 ISK (2.390€/2.642USD). I can cover about half my self. I get a little loan increase from my bank and what is missing is 88.446 ISK (643€/705USD) to fully pay the bill for the moving. I won’t get my belongings until I pay the moving cost in full.

If anyone can help me with this with a donation that is welcomed. This high cost was unexpected and I was not expecting it to get this high. Thanks for the help. 🙂


I managed to make a deal with the company that is moving my belongings to Denmark. I can pay at the latest on 1st of November but this adds storage fees on top for 11 to 14 days until I get my belongings delivered. I have also seen that my October plan is not going according to what I had hoped for so any donation towards helping me in October are also welcomed.

Update two

The amount I need to pay the moving bill is half way there already. What is missing is just 53.048 ISK (375€/$413USD). If this happens quickly enough then I won’t have to pay any storage cost of my belongings. That cost is 417 DKK (55,82€) a week and starts counting soon as my belongings are in my moving company house (after clearing customs).

Update three

The amount needed until I can pay the transport cost of my belongings is now 37.259 ISK or 263€/$292USD. I am having tiny problems with money on how to buy food for the rest of the month because of this whole thing being such a large problem for me. There are cheap options for me in Denmark when it comes to food that I am going to use since the are low priced food stores in Sønderborg. The main thing for me now is to pay the transport bill so I can get my belongings before I have to start paying storage charges (417 DKK/55,83€ a week) and I can’t do that without donation. There have been negative comments about this situation and me asking for help. I’ve decided to ignore those comments.

Update four

When this is written on 16th of October I am only missing 30816 ISK (218€/$241USD) until I can pay the cost of the transporting my belongings to Denmark. I am still working on having to afford food until the end of the month but there are cheap options that I have in Denmark and that is a solution for me.

Update five

When this is written only 25688 ISK (180€/$201USD) is needed until I can pay the transport bill of my belongings if there is no additional storage charges that are 417 DKK a week (55,82€). This is almost here with the help of donations. Thanks for the support. 🙂

Update six

I did get some additional loan from the bank that I have to pay back soon as possible but no later than on 1st of November. This allowed me to pay the transport bill of my belongings to Denmark. I hope there are no storage charges of my belongings because of this delay and if they are I don’t expect them to be super high because I asked for delivery of my belongings soon as they clear the customs process in Denmark.

Any donation to pay back the extra loan are welcomed. Thanks for the support. 🙂

Update seven

I got my belongings delivered. I also got a extra cost of 9719 ISK (70,06€/$77,65USD). It looks like the storage charge I was fearing I might have to pay since there was a delay of delivery of my belongings for unknown reasons to me (I have sent a inquiry into why this charge is). This might also be a extra charge because delivery was difficult at my location for the delivery truck and that was extra work for the driver.

I have also bought three used tables at the used market for the total cost of 550 DKK (73,63€/$81,60USD). I mention this because I had to use donations for the move to pay for the tables. They are used and cheap as I was able to get the with transport to my location (150 DKK/20€/$22,26USD) since I don’t own a car to transport such items or a transport on my bicycle for such moving inside the town of Sønderborg.

This is all almost finished and I’ll soon unpin this article. I won’t stop being poor thought but I do plan on to get extra work soon in Denmark delivery papers and such. That should make my money situation slight better. Its a maximum of four days work if I can get it. I might just end up getting one or two days a week. How that works I just have to find out. Its a minimum wage job but it is going to help me living in Denmark.

I’ll get a fixed internet soon (cable internet) and that means I can start writing normally about what is going on in Iceland when the quiet period is not ongoing.

Update eight (final update)

It turns out that I don’t have to pay the 9719 ISK (70,06€/$77,65USD) because it was something I had already paid. This was discovered when I did send the inquiry into why I was paying this amount.

This is the final update about this problem I’ve been having.

Thanks for the support. 🙂

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Please remember to support my work (donations for March specially needed)

I put a lot of work into this website. It mostly happens when something is going on in Iceland, earthquake swarm or an eruption. But between those times things are quiet in Iceland the traffic to this website drops down to few thousands of page views a day.

Donations needed for March

I was hoping to keep things decent in March, but that didn’t work out properly since things cost in Iceland. I am also trying to save for transport cost of my belongings back to Denmark from Iceland. I say trying because I don’t think its going well at the moment. Money wise I hope that things are getting better for me, at least part of my debt is getting lower at the moment, while I had to increase it other areas (a little, not a big problem in the long run). My biggest problem in past few days is the fact my computer died and I had to replace it (I just buy the motherboard, cpu, memory and video card. I also had to buy new dvd drive, old one had died last summer). That was expensive, even if I choose as cheap computer parts as possible, leaving me with a budget hole unexpectedly when it comes to my transport costs of my belonging. I’m now trying to figure out a way to cover the transport costs without any problem. It is going to be a tricky thing to do on my low income, but I think its mostly doable. Any support in that direction is welcomed, along with support to help me survive March without running out money for food (since I really dislike using my savings for food).

I wish my financial situation was better then it currently is. I’ve been trying to make progress and I have made progress, but it is slow, but improvements are being made. Once I’m back in Denmark the financial situation is going to remain a little difficult, but it is going to improve with time and effort on my part to improve it. The thing also is that many websites and youtube channels ask for donations (many also have sponsors) so they can make more content for people to watch. When I write about earthquake swarms, or the latest activity in volcanoes in Iceland, or posting updates every hour or two when an eruption takes place (that is hard work).

Plans in the works

I am looking into that to create a website about technology. That would cover computers (PC), mobile phones, televisions and other thoughts on that matter. Currently I am only looking into it to see if that pays off, or if I should find something else to write about when things are quiet in Iceland. Increasing my range might increase my income (maybe not). Since I am also good with technology of all types and size, since I’ve been doing that for as long as I’ve been working and thinking about earthquakes and volcanoes.

Book writing

I am also going to continue to write books and short stories. Since I just can’t be without it. I’m not sure when next short story comes out on Amazon, but I am working on few stories, both short and long in my head.

Moving back to Denmark

I’ll be moving back to Denmark on 14th April. That makes me happy. More details on this later. The Bov geophone station is going to start operation soon after 14th April, not sure on exact dates at the moment.

Donations needed for August

Please remember to support my work with donations. I currently don’t have enough income from social welfare in Iceland to pay for food and other things after I have paid all my bills. This has been a issue for me now for almost a year and while I am living in Denmark it is not going to change, at least while I am living on social welfare from Iceland.

What is also a issue when it comes to Iceland is the endless change in the exchange rate of Icelandic Krona (ISK) against Danish Krone (DKK). When I move back to Iceland in December 2014 (as explained here) this issue is going to be over for me. I do plan on living in Denmark, in the Padborg area where I am now. But only after I have secured my income in euro with my e-book sale. I hope that won’t take more than 5 years (counting from 2015), but it might take me up to 10 years to secure my income that way.

Thanks for the support and understanding.

For those how want to buy my e-book can now do so on Amazon and Kobo (Kobo link here).

Amazon U.S.

Amazon UK

Amazon DE

Donations needed for May

I need donations to make it in May. Since the bills are higher than I expected and my income remains low, same as it has been since always (being on social welfare [benefits]) is not a fun thing. Donations help me keep this website up and running. Donations also help me to keep monitoring Icelandic volcanoes and earthquake activity in Iceland, this also applies for monitoring for earthquake and volcano activity in Europe on my Europe geology website.

Amazon works in that way when people buy something trough the banners or the web-store I get 5 to 10% of the price of that product. Regardless of what is being bought. My eBooks that I have written can be found here, they are sold with the eBook publisher Kobo Books.

Update: Due to some bill changes at the electronic company I am now going to have major billing issue this month. Since my income from Iceland is not nearly enough to cover all my bills and then to buy food all of May. I got some food in the freezer from last month, but that is only going to last so long. So please donate if you can. Currently I am seeing up on major money issue this month.

1/4 update: The reason why this is that in March I got the idea to buy cable subscription from Yousee (Danish cable tv company). I did enter all the numbers in the calculator and did all the maths to see if I could afford to buy the basic and smallest package from them. It turns out that I was wrong, wrong and more wrong. I got the numbers all wrong and the first bill was way higher than I expected. This is an contract that I have to pay for 6 months so I can not cancel it until end of September-2014. As I fully plan to do. I am also never going to buy a cable subscription again (if its not part of the rent, as is the case in many places in Denmark. Its not the case were I now live). I am just going to use an antenna, since its free to do so and I get what I need on it anyway.

2/4 update: The electronic company was making changes to its bill system. So now I get one higher electric bill then usual. This means more problems for me I think in the terms of not having any money to buy food. This however in returns means that my next bill in June is going to be lower as for other bills until the start of the year 2015. When the first electric bill of that year is going to be higher, since this is some extra charge of 58 DKK (58 * 12 = 696 [close the actual amount that I now pay]) (or about) that they now charge in just one go, instead of being paid each month. All this is creating major problems with my money since I just have minimal income from Iceland and all fluctuation in my bills results in problems for me.

Thanks for the support.

Updated on 01-May-2015 at 13:50 UTC.

Earthquake in Hekla volcano. Deep earthquake in Katla volcano

On the 17-March-2014 at 19:59 UTC an earthquake took place in Hekla volcano. This earthquake had the magnitude of 1,0 and the depth of 9,1 km. I did record it on my geophone just barley, it is possible to watch for activity in Hekla volcano here. This earthquake does not mean that Hekla volcano is about to erupt, but it is interesting anyway. What it means remains unclear at the present time.

The earthquake in Hekla volcano. It is marked with an blue dot. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Meteorological Office.

Katla volcano

Yesterday (18-March-2014) an deep earthquake (in the picture above, in the central caldera) took place in Katla volcano. The magnitude of this earthquake was 0,7 and this earthquake had the depth of 28,9 km. As was mentioned in comment yesterday. This earthquake in it self is no important from the looks of it. No special harmonic activity took place following this earthquake.

All quiet. Just wind and ocean waves. The spike on the 19-March-2014 is due to earthquake in GoĂ°abunga part of Katla volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Meteorological Office.

Donations: Please remember to support my work by donation. Thanks!


I did try to go advertisement free (for the second time) and it failed again. Since I need the extra income from this website and from my writing work to make a proper living. I want to be advertisement free, as I did explain here (I have updated this post now). Going advertisement free requires donations that I am simply not getting and it is an fact one cannot be without money. Without it it’s just hunger and pain. As it is not far from what I am currently experiencing (I got €0,49 in my bank account at current time or 3,61 DKK). The thing however is that I am well advised in not having any money so I prepare a little in terms of buying food but currently I am at my limit. I am not sure what the rest of this month (March) is going to be for me. This site might one day be advertisement free, that is however not going to happen until I can afford it. When that might be I have no idea.

The job question:

Many people wonders why I don’t have a job and many people expect that I have a job and don’t ask for donations. I have asperger’s syndrome [Second link here]. I have problem with working a normal job. It’s not that I am not physically able, because I am. But I have problem with communications and dealing with work social things. I have issues with normal social stuff on every day. I can and I have worked for a short period of time, but such things always drain me mentally and make things difficult for me in the long run. It would also prevent me from monitoring earthquakes and volcanoes as I do now. I am also writing more stories and I have already published one, even if I have not yet sold many copies so far.

Blog post updated at 20:45 UTC. Time of the earthquake corrected.
Blog post updated at 21:55 UTC.

Please remember to support my work

Please remember to support my work here. Without support this website would not exist. Since I only have less than minimal income from Iceland since I am on social welfare. Currently I am broke and I have less then 5€ on my bank account and I find that rather bad situation to be in currently. This is an long term problem that I am dealing with and I don’t know when I manage to get my self out of it. I am trying to do so, but progress is painfully slow at present time.

If people buy from Amazon it is also possible to support my work by shopping trough the links that I have put up here or buy my books and short stories here. That is at least good for long term. As for current status donations are best. Otherwise I am going to have a really difficult month on March-2014. Thanks for the support.

Quiet period in Iceland continues

The quiet period in Iceland continues as it has been doing for the past five months (according to my best knowledge). There is always some minor earthquake activity taking place, that is normal and should be expected. It is highly unusual if no earthquake activity was taking place for a long period of time.

All quiet in Iceland. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Meteorological Office.

This has been a unusual period of quiet in Iceland best to my knowledge. At least in terms of earthquake swarms and such activity. Volcano eruptions in Iceland only happen on average every 4 to 5 years. Last eruptions (two minor ones) took place in the year 2011. When GrĂ­msfjall volcano erupted. Same year there was also minor eruption in Katla volcano, a week later an minor eruption took place in Hamarinn volcano. since this activity took place it has remained quiet in Iceland volcano wise. There have been earthquake swarms in this period, several strong ones. AT the moment however there is not a lot of activity taking place. That might change at any time. But watching for activity takes a lot of patents since often nothing happens for a long time.

Donation note: According to my bank account. I am going to starve rest of this month. Since I got no money for anything left and all I do spend my money on is food after paying my bills. Donations are welcomed for this reason.

If people buy from Amazon there is also an other way to support me if you shop trough Amazon (I get that paid later on, so that is no help for me at the moment). The links to my Amazon store can be found here. I get paid 5 to 10% of the sale price of what people buy on Amazon this way. Thanks for the support.

Main geophone network computer is down due to a hardware failure

As many have noticed, my webicorder website is no longer updating and has not done so since 9-December-2013. The reason why it is not updating is simple. The computer that handles the updates is now totally ruined. It was the victim of the capacitor plague that took place few years ago, the main-board that failed is from the year 2007 (7 years old) and it clear that this issue with capacitor was not over when this motherboard was made.

The blown capacitors on the motherboard. As can be seen, it is totally ruined. Image is under Creative Commons Licence, please see CC Licence page for more details.

Second picture of the damage to the capacitors on the motherboard. Image is under Creative Commons Licence, please see CC Licence page for more details.

This failure was so bad it crashed my router and internet connection until I was able to reboot it when I got back home. Cost of a new computer (motherboard+cpu+graphic card+memory) is 268,16€ (350€ if I want to have some space to adjust if something isn’t available) according to my best estimate. I just want to buy and install it my self. I guess the hard drive is fine, but I have not yet tested it and I guess that I won’t test it until I get new computer. As my finances currently stand there is no hope that I am going to be able to afford this any time soon. So any donations in order to help me fix this problem are welcomed.

Without the webicorder website and this computer I am not going to be able to post high resolutions of earthquakes and it is not going to be possible to monitor earthquake swarms in Iceland in close to real time. Since this computer did handle all geophones in one place. It also uploaded the images for the geophones and I had on it the software to locate and analyse earthquakes that took place in Iceland and worldwide. This computer also allowed me to monitor for earthquakes in Denmark and other nearby countries if anything major did happen (earthquakes over magnitude 5,0). I hope that I can replace this hardware soon. Just how soon that is going to be I do not know at the moment.