Donations needed for moving

I hate to ask for this but I don’t have any other options. I also hate the fact that I am poor.

Currently I am moving to Denmark and I have hit a problem. The total cost of moving my belongings is 329.140 ISK (2.390€/2.642USD). I can cover about half my self. I get a little loan increase from my bank and what is missing is 88.446 ISK (643€/705USD) to fully pay the bill for the moving. I won’t get my belongings until I pay the moving cost in full.

If anyone can help me with this with a donation that is welcomed. This high cost was unexpected and I was not expecting it to get this high. Thanks for the help. 🙂


I managed to make a deal with the company that is moving my belongings to Denmark. I can pay at the latest on 1st of November but this adds storage fees on top for 11 to 14 days until I get my belongings delivered. I have also seen that my October plan is not going according to what I had hoped for so any donation towards helping me in October are also welcomed.

Update two

The amount I need to pay the moving bill is half way there already. What is missing is just 53.048 ISK (375€/$413USD). If this happens quickly enough then I won’t have to pay any storage cost of my belongings. That cost is 417 DKK (55,82€) a week and starts counting soon as my belongings are in my moving company house (after clearing customs).

Update three

The amount needed until I can pay the transport cost of my belongings is now 37.259 ISK or 263€/$292USD. I am having tiny problems with money on how to buy food for the rest of the month because of this whole thing being such a large problem for me. There are cheap options for me in Denmark when it comes to food that I am going to use since the are low priced food stores in Sønderborg. The main thing for me now is to pay the transport bill so I can get my belongings before I have to start paying storage charges (417 DKK/55,83€ a week) and I can’t do that without donation. There have been negative comments about this situation and me asking for help. I’ve decided to ignore those comments.

Update four

When this is written on 16th of October I am only missing 30816 ISK (218€/$241USD) until I can pay the cost of the transporting my belongings to Denmark. I am still working on having to afford food until the end of the month but there are cheap options that I have in Denmark and that is a solution for me.

Update five

When this is written only 25688 ISK (180€/$201USD) is needed until I can pay the transport bill of my belongings if there is no additional storage charges that are 417 DKK a week (55,82€). This is almost here with the help of donations. Thanks for the support. 🙂

Update six

I did get some additional loan from the bank that I have to pay back soon as possible but no later than on 1st of November. This allowed me to pay the transport bill of my belongings to Denmark. I hope there are no storage charges of my belongings because of this delay and if they are I don’t expect them to be super high because I asked for delivery of my belongings soon as they clear the customs process in Denmark.

Any donation to pay back the extra loan are welcomed. Thanks for the support. 🙂

Update seven

I got my belongings delivered. I also got a extra cost of 9719 ISK (70,06€/$77,65USD). It looks like the storage charge I was fearing I might have to pay since there was a delay of delivery of my belongings for unknown reasons to me (I have sent a inquiry into why this charge is). This might also be a extra charge because delivery was difficult at my location for the delivery truck and that was extra work for the driver.

I have also bought three used tables at the used market for the total cost of 550 DKK (73,63€/$81,60USD). I mention this because I had to use donations for the move to pay for the tables. They are used and cheap as I was able to get the with transport to my location (150 DKK/20€/$22,26USD) since I don’t own a car to transport such items or a transport on my bicycle for such moving inside the town of Sønderborg.

This is all almost finished and I’ll soon unpin this article. I won’t stop being poor thought but I do plan on to get extra work soon in Denmark delivery papers and such. That should make my money situation slight better. Its a maximum of four days work if I can get it. I might just end up getting one or two days a week. How that works I just have to find out. Its a minimum wage job but it is going to help me living in Denmark.

I’ll get a fixed internet soon (cable internet) and that means I can start writing normally about what is going on in Iceland when the quiet period is not ongoing.

Update eight (final update)

It turns out that I don’t have to pay the 9719 ISK (70,06€/$77,65USD) because it was something I had already paid. This was discovered when I did send the inquiry into why I was paying this amount.

This is the final update about this problem I’ve been having.

Thanks for the support. 🙂

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7 Replies to “Donations needed for moving”

  1. Please stop begging for money on your website, I consider stopping reading your website for ever if you continue with this.

    1. Then stop reading my website. If you are going to be such a idiot about donations (that are not required but welcomed). Running this website is not free for me and costs me considerable amount of the little resources I have. This website is “free” with the limits of advertisement (little to no income from that) to donation (income is different between months).

      Being poor is not easy and I don’t wish it up on anyone.

    2. I donated 5.000kr in your name to kattholt (icealandic animal shelter)

      And yes i will stop reading your webaite.

  2. Jón, I love your sense of humor.

    But seriously you have been ebegging for +7 years or so, I think you problem lies a little bit with your mindset…”I am not happy in Spain so I will will move to Denmark…No wait Denmark is to expensive so I move back to Iceland….No wait Iceland is so mean I will move back to Denmark bla bla bla”…..Poor me.

    Nope I am not donating and like X and Jonny I will stop using this website.

    1. I’ve been poor for 7+ years. Being poor is not something I stop doing just because I run a website. The economic crisis of 2008 made things so, so much worse for people in the lowest income in Iceland (and on the wider scale, everywhere else) and I’ve been trying trying to figure things out in that time. Its just not me dealing with this issue of being poor in Iceland.

      I’ve never moved to Spain and I am not sure if I am going to do so. I am looking at moving to Germany at later day (+5 years) but that’s still under a review and I have not made any decision on it.

      I am also not e-begging. I run a website out at my own cost and I put work into it. I try to get income from advertisement but those pay poorly and that income has been getting worse over the last few years due to corporate greed along with increased hosting costs over the last few years due to greed and hedge funds that are increasingly buying up internet companies.

      I didn’t ask for any donations last time I moved to Iceland. I paid for that all my self and following debt payments with a lot of work over several months. This is the firs time I have this problem when moving and I have to ask for donations to support me in this regard.

      I don’t require anyone to donate to my website. For every 1 reader I lose I normally gain 2 to 5 readers instead. I also doubt that you have been my reader. You’re just a comment troll from some dark pit of the internet.

      Comment updated at 16:43 UTC.

  3. You are gaining 2-5 readers? this website has been dead past 3-4 years.

    Nobody comments here anymore..

    1. Amount of comments does not equal the amount how much this website is read. The quiet times as has been in last few months in Iceland do lower the traffic and its been the lowest in years in last few weeks. Because unlike other websites I deal with facts, not sentential headlines and scaring people with inaccurate headlines and other nonsense.

      Go troll somewhere else.

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