Donations needed for April

Please remember to support my work with donations. I spend a lot of time gathering information for articles that I write, even short articles about earthquake activity. I ask for donations in a special article now because the situation in terms of money for me is considerably worse than I had hoped for April. I am also trying to save up for the bills I have to pay in May. Since in Denmark many bills are only sent every 3rd month* and that has resulted in a minor issue for me as the amounts get really high. I’ve never been able to get ahead of that issue even if I tried to do so. It also complicates this issue is the extra tax I have to pay while I am living in Denmark. Since I need to pay this extra tax it means that I lack the money for saving up for the three months bills or at best can only save little money and use as little as I can to buy food. Since I’ve been doing that for several months now and it doesn’t get any easier. This problem is going to end when I move from Denmark by the end of May-2018. When I move to Iceland I don’t have to pay the extra tax in Denmark.

I am moving to Iceland from Denmark for a short time. The long term plan now is to move to Spain** after living some time in Iceland. Moving to Spain requires more work than I have current done so I’ll be living in Iceland during that time. I just I can find somewhere to live during that time, the housing crises in Iceland is awful at the moment and I don’t think it is going to improve in next few months. The reason for moving to Spain is the cost of living in Iceland and the housing crises. I can’t afford buying a apartment in Iceland because the price is high and getting higher. Getting something rented is also a big problem in this situation. What I am going to do in Iceland is simple, pay down all the debt I currently have and save up for a payment in a condo in Valencia, Valencia, Spain. I am going to be remote running my geophone network from Spain. It is going to be considerable easier once I start upgrading to Raspberry Shake sensors from my current hardware (that hardware is getting old and needs replacing).

I do more background work in connection with this website than many people realise. Sometimes I am looking at data or maps and sometimes I am trying to organise the earthquake collection I now have. I got a backlog to 2014 that I need to short out when I have the time (to weeks rather than months). Over the last 4 years I’ve recorded well over 7000 earthquakes due to heavy activity in Iceland.

The fault valley created by the rifting activity in 1875 that triggered a eruption in Askja volcano and Bárðarbunga volcano (Tröllagígar, south-west part of Bárðarbunga volcano system). The new rift cycle has started and now it started with an eruption in Bárðarbunga volcano. The rift valley on the map is going to get bigger in the future, but it is impossible to know when that might happen.

* This means the amounts I have to pay each time is higher than if it was a monthly payment. I prefer to have all bills monthly but that is not an option in Denmark for the internet bill and electricity bill. There is one bill that is every six months and I paid that one in March. This has been a big problem for me for a long time now.
** There no extra tax for me in Spain. Instead I pay all the tax in Spain from my welfare income in Iceland in accordance with Iceland – Spain tax treaty. The tax I have to pay in Spain is also lower than in Iceland as I understand it. But I have many things to figure out before I can move to Spain for good and a lot of money to save up before that happens.

Thanks for all the support. 🙂

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    1. The tourist industry in Iceland is swamped with people already. The only reason I was able get a job soon as I land in Iceland is because there is not enough people to do the job I applied for. That job is to cut grass and maintain green areas in Hvammstangi during the summer.

      I don’t need job in Spain since I have social welfare income from Iceland. It is not enough in Denmark (and not enough for Iceland, but this is easier to manage in Iceland than Denmark). In Spain the costs are low enough for me that I hopefully won’t have any money issues. For example, just buying minimal amount of food for a month costs 440€ in Iceland but only 191€ in Spain.

      If I want or need a job in Spain I am sure that I can find one. The problem in Denmark when it comes to a job is the amount of rules Denmark has regarding people with disability or on welfare and what job they can apply to in Denmark (those are special jobs). Since I am not Danish that made things even more complicated for me. With the added tax I have to pay I just gave up on living in Denmark. I’ve been trying for six and a half year now and living in Denmark is clearly not working for me. It is time to try and do something else.

      Unemployment in Spain is only at 16,1% for February 2018 according to Eurostat.
      Eurostat data,

  1. Have you considered:

    GoFundMe Which could be used to fund ongoing project like this’

    Or Patreon which is usually funding artists, but there is no reason science cannot use it.

    1. GoFundMe doesn’t pay unless a goal is reached. Patreon would not work me. Since in part Patreon is based in part on a reward system, closed posts on the Patreon site. In geology that is a difficult to handle (that is my view, others might disagree).

  2. Why not sign up to be a shake reseller?

    5% commission for you and 5% discount for anyone that clicks through your link.

    I only heard of them because of the link you posted above, but it looks a fun project that I might dabble with at some time in the future – and there is likely others like me who read your blog.

    1. That would require me to set-up a company (even small one) due to VAT laws where I am going to be living in the future (Spain). There is a whole a lot of other things that I don’t know about and I am not qualified to deal with on business side of things since I don’t know the business rules and how things work when setting up and running a company.

      I am going to be upgrading my earthquake recording network to Raspberry Shake in few years. That upgrade allows me to get rid of bulky PC’s have to run now for remote access to the data (unless I want a local backup). I am not sure when I start the upgrade. But it is going to happen in next few years (I hope).

  3. I don’t know what can help you, but a couple of things to Iceland, since I am here right now.

    There is a ton of jobs is tourism, construction work and etc in Reykjavik which I am sure paying better, then cutting grass. You speak English perfectly and that’s about the skill which you need for these jobs.

    The minimal amount of food question in Iceland is also a bit high for me. I am eating healthy with fish and everything from 20-30k korona per month, I just buy everything in Bonus and Kronan and not in Hagkaup and 10-11. Which is 160-240 euro. You can earn in the Reykjavik area 300-400k korona per month with these kind of work. A room is 90k a really small flat is 130k so there is plenty of left to live.

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