More on the Almannagjá fissure depth increase (Thingvellir)

The evening news on Rúv did show video of the fissure in Thingvellir. The fissure it self appears to be a extension of the current fissure named Almannagjá. That fissure is old. But this formation appears to be fresh. But it hard to know for sure how long it is since it was created. But the road has been there since the late 19th century. One of the ideas why this happened is that there is a connection with this fissure creation and the earthquakes in the SISZ in the year 2000 and 2008. But that however is unproven idea at this point.

Other then this I have not seen or got a lot of information about this fissure.

Here is a video of this fissure in the Rúv news at 19:00 UTC.

More information on Thingvellir and it’s geology.

Geology and tectonics of Þingvellir

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  1. Got to hand it to VLC… I was able to grab and convert the video to something I could slow down and get a good look at as the camera guy was slinging the camera around.

    Many thank for the vid link.

    As you have stated, this thing is in the middle of an existing crevice and is in all likelihood, a continuation of whatever process that made it. Since they were hanging out next to it and doing interviews, and even stuck the camera down in the hole and panned around, my guess is that there aren’t any noxious gases emanating from it.

    That leans away from it being volcanic in nature… at least for now.

    1. They say in the video that they think it was maybe created by water clearing out the loose material in the bedrock. But I do not think that is the case in that area, as the material in that road is rather heavy (gravel).

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