Strong earthquake swarm ongoing in Skjaldbreið shield volcano

Yesterday (10-12-2017) a earthquake swarm started in Skjaldbreið shield volcano (in Global Volcanism program this area is under Presthnjúkar area). Currently the earthquake swarm is ongoing. This activity started on Friday with few earthquakes and started in full force when the magnitude 3,5 earthquake happened. Largest earthquake so far had the magnitude of 3,8 and was felt as was the first earthquake that happened.

Earthquake activity in Skjaldbreið shield volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

At the moment the number of earthquakes recorded is at 100 and that number is going to increase as this earthquake swarm continues, number of earthquakes happening has dropped considerably for the last few hours. This is the first large earthquake swarm in Skjaldbreið since 1992 according to Icelandic Met Office records (it goes back to 1706 can be viewed here (Icelandic only), locations are not accurate until late 20th century). This earthquake activity appears to be only tectonic in nature and there are no signs of magma movements at the moment.


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  1. Interesting deep quake at an interesting place… out in no mans land:

    14.12.2017 23:41:20 64.582 -17.153 18.2 km 0.9 99.0 19.0 km ESE of Bárðarbunga

    1. At this location there is a odd dike intrusion happening based on the earthquake pattern for the last few years. It doesn’t seems to be connected to any central volcano as it looks now.

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  3. I will write about the earthquake in Bárðarbunga volcano later today. At the moment I don’t have the time to do so as I have other obligations today.

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