Alert level for Bárðarbunga volcano lowered

Today (1-June-2015) the alert level around Bárðarbunga volcano was lowered to uncertainty level from danger level. This means there are no longer any travel restrictions in the area. Besides normal spring closure in the highlands due to the snow melting (and creating mud areas). There is a risk of snap floods in the area due to hydrothermal activity in Bárðarbunga volcano. It remains high according to the latest news. The risk area for that melt water is in Jökulsá á fjöllum glacier river, since melt water can collect under the glacier and then flood the river days to weeks later. It is also not known what is going to happen when the summer melt period starts in Jökulsá á fjöllum glacier river. A new lake might from in the area next to the glacier where the lava blocked the glacier river path, the glacier water comes from Dyngjökuli glacier.

Icelandic News about this

Frá hættu­stigi á óvissu­stig (, Icelandic)
Ekki lengur hættustig vegna Bárðabungu (Rú, Icelandic)
Viðbúnaður vegna jarðhræringa við Bárðarbungu færður niður á óvissustig (Ví, Icelandic)

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    1. It’s been manually checked now, and only clocks in at 2.1.
      However, it was very shallow – practically at the surface. Is that why it was picked up by so many stations on the “Alert map” site?

    1. 03.06.2015 15:55:47 63,643 -19,141 0,0 km 2,1 99,0
      5,4 km E of Goðabungu

      It was just a small quake (2,1 magn.), Katla is having a bit more quakes now, as always during sommer season.

      1. That’s what I was putting these earthquakes down to, but why do we get them – is it more to do with thawing of the glacier and falling seracs than with seismicity? But if so, why don’t we get similar events on the southern flanks of Vatnajokull? There’s some steep ice falls there.

  1. What do you suppose is next for the Askja system? It does not seem to have changed in behavior much after the Bárðarbunga eruption, and is continuing its light seismic episodes.

  2. I was going to write a new article today. That is going to get delayed until tomorrow since my grandma on my foster-father side got suddenly sick on Thursday (04-June-2015), she died today (06-June-2015) after short sickness. She was 90 years old and I am going to miss her.

    1. Oh sweetheart…my condolences. My dearest grandmother passed away at 92 just over a year ago. May she rest in peace and may you find comfort.

  3. hi Jon .

    so sorry to hear about your grandmother . I wish you and your family the best in this upsetting time .

  4. I wonder if the people in the north east have found a name for the latest eruption from Bárðarbunga.

    The lava field is called Nornahraun, because of a odd natural witch hair tumbleweed phenomenon that the wind blew back and forth in the area.

    I think there have been a few suggestions for a name, but nothing that seems to stick.

    Sorry t hear about your grandmother Jón.

  5. I am very sorry to hear about the death of your Grandmother, my and the thoughts of many others are with you at this difficult time.

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