Earthquake activity in Askja volcano

During the week there has been a swarm of minor earthquakes in Askja volcano. All of the earthquakes have been small and none have reached magnitude 2,0 far as I know.

Askja volcano is the volcano most south on this image (the volcano on the end). Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

There is nothing suggesting that current earthquake swarms are due to magma movements at shallow depths. This is rather hydrothermal activity changes in the volcano due the it being warmed up by new magma entering it and warming up groundwater inside the volcano. That has happened before in earlier eruptions and is documented, the time scale of such changes is not documented far as I know.

Askja volcano started for prepare for an eruption phase in 2010, so far nothing suggest that an eruption is imminent, but it remains a question if the push from Bárðarbunga volcano has changed anything in Askja volcano.

Article updated at 18:56 UTC.

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  1. OFF TOPIC: 02/05/2015 19:20
    Seismic activity WNW of Faial (Update)
    The Center for Information and Surveillance Sismovulcânica Azores (CIVISA) reports that since April 19 has been recorded any seismic activity in epicentral region between 37 and 46 km of Faial WNW.
    Following this activity were 5 earthquakes felt in Faial, the largest magnitude being felt also in the islands of Pico and São Jorge. The higher energy event took place on 24 April at 22:14 hours (local time = UTC) and had a magnitude of 4.7 ML.
    The recorded activity is framed initially in the pattern associated with the following main earthquake / replicas revealing the gradual decay in frequency and magnitude. On May 1, from 14 hours, there was a greater persistence of seismic activity translated by a slight increase in the number of events recorded per hour. This behavior continued until about the 13 hours of the 2nd of May, when from which it has witnessed a slight decrease in the number of registered events. During the day, up to 19 hours, they were recorded 58 events. The number of events recorded since the beginning of seismic activity is about 310.
    Under the geological point of view, the area marked is located near the extreme north-western border of plates between the Eurasian plate and the African plate (Nubia), in the transition zone to the region dominated by the plate boundary defined by the Mid-Atlantic Ridge .

  2. Thanks, I am going to the Azores is a few months so I am following this closely!

  3. Monday
    04.05.2015 08:28:39 64.498 -17.686 4.9 km 3.2 99.0 6.0 km ENE of Hamarinn

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