There might be a volcano eruption in less then a one year time in Báðarbunga volcano (Kistufell field)

I do not know if this is Icelandic media sensationalism or just a simple misquote in the news article. But according to Morgunblaðið ( in a interview with the geologist named Sigurlaugar Hjaltadóttir (works at Icelandic Met Office) she sad that there is more risk of a eruption in north-west side of Vatnajökull glacier due to the high earthquake activity in the area. But while the earthquakes continue to be at great depth, there is a less chance of a eruption in the area.

But she might be referring to is that a earthquake activity in the area might be increasing because of Grímsfjall volcano and Bárðarbunga volcano interaction. But it remains be seen if that is the case or not here. It is however clear that only time is going to tell us if there is going to be a eruption in this area soon or not.

The news in Icelandic. Please use Google Translate or something similar to understand.

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5 Replies to “There might be a volcano eruption in less then a one year time in Báðarbunga volcano (Kistufell field)”

  1. Thanks for the info, Jón.
    But my hunch is that Grimsfjall will go first. But only a guess.
    Hope you’re doing well in your new home.

    1. I am going to be in my new home tomorrow. But currently I am at friends place in Copenhagen.

      It is clear that Grímsfjall volcano is getting really close to a eruption.

  2. As there has been aloft of unrest at Grimsfjall it is clear that an eruption there will be a safe bet.

    But as there is also alot of activity on the north-west side is there a chance that either one eruption will trigger the other one and we will have a “double-whammy”?

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