More earthquakes at Hamarinn volcano

The volcano named Hamarinn in Vatnajökull glacier is a small and relativity unknown volcano in Iceland. As it has not erupted in recent history. Currently it is so unknown that it isn’t even properly registered at Global Volcanism Program website for this region in Iceland.

Currently the area is producing a lot of earthquakes. But those earthquakes appears to more tectonic in nature at this stage. Currently there is nothing indicating a imminent volcano eruption in the area. But that in it self might change with a short notice, as this area is volcano active. But it is also important to notice that the sequence that leads to a eruptions in this area is relativity unknown due to long dormancy in this area.

It is clear however that is worth keeping watch on this area in the nearest future. As history has shown that in Iceland that volcanoes do come with surprise eruptions with little to no warning at all. Hekla volcano is being the most famous volcano that behaves in such manner.

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  1. i have been watching the Hamarin eq region too……… and a search in Google maps brought up a town near the south western border……….. But Hamarin is located closer to the south eastern area………. it would be a big help if You could direct us to a very detailed map of the volcanoes.
    Best!and Thanks again for this blog.

      1. It also has a spam protection in regards to email addresses. It is also going to have more cool stuff in the future. At least I hope so. 🙂

    1. Way off topic….
      on Dr. Watson’s map, in the upper right corner, is a warning: “Monster”,
      What’s that about, Jon????

  2. I will make a new post later today (hopefully) on the location of the Hamarinn volcano. As the location is quite hard to spot on the existing maps. But it is in the Bárðarbunga system, not far from Skrokkalda volcano (an other unknown volcano in Iceland).

  3. My location data is ripped off from what ever document I can make a shape file off of. Sure, they aren’t pretty, but they are close enough to get ya in the ball park

    Hamarinn, Grímsvötn, Bárðarbunga, family picture. (okay, “plot”) Quakes from 4/17/10 are the small ones, every thing after the 3.5/3.7 combo at Hamarinn are the large dots. North is to the left.

  4. I like your new blog Jon! It is great to have info from someone on Iceland. It is interesting to hear abour Hamarinn volcano, I will keep my internet eyes on that one. 🙂 By the way, do you have any comments on the gps measurments at the GFUM station at Vatnajökull. Is it really moving this much upward or is the latest measurement incorrect, and where lays the Hamarinn volcano compared to this station?

  5. “Sunday 26th September 2010
    Bardarbunga Volcano, Iceland
    An earthquake swarm began at Bardarbunga volcano, Iceland, on 26th September 2010. The stratovolcano is located under the Vatnajökull glacier.” John Seach

    1. Could someone have a look at the Gps-Data of Grimsfjall. Sudden Movement up in the last days.

  6. Wednesday
    29.09.2010 17:42:22 64.436 -17.203 1.1 km 2.7 84.55 4.9 km NE of Grímsfjall
    29.09.2010 16:56:44 63.731 -19.470 6.9 km 2.1 31.5 6.0 km N of Básar

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