Hekla geophone is offline due to technical fault

Due to technical fault at Hekla geophone it is currently offline. The station did go down at 13:07 UTC. Why that did happens is unknown at this moment.

The station is going to be online soon as possible. But it might take few days until it starts sending data again.

5 Replies to “Hekla geophone is offline due to technical fault”

  1. Jon I was just going to sign in and ask about this. You’re one step ahead! I’ve been watching the EQ’s all day.

  2. I have been trying to connect to the computer that does the work on sending the data to my main computer at home. But so far nothing has worked. I really dislike this when it happens.

  3. Very frustrating indeed. Over the weekend though, you were in the path of some pretty significant solar winds, and more are forecast foe the 29th. A class C solar flare is even possible. For sensitive equipement this is a problem.

  4. Jon, why did you choose Hekla to place your geophone? Hekla is supposedly aseismic, so I why monitor it with the geophone? Do you tend to move it to new locations now and then, or do you plan to have it at Hekla permanently?

  5. William M, My geophone is not located on Hekla. But nearby in a summerhouse. The distance is however is only ~10 km or so.

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