Earthquakes deep on Reykjanes Ridge

Around midnight tonight there where earthquakes deep south of Iceland. They where located on Reykjanes Ridge, by the far south end of it. At this distances it is hard to know if the earthquakes are related to tectonic activity or a volcanic one. But at this location there are volcanoes, but volcanoes do cover Reykjanes Ridge. But I am not sure how far south that actually goes. But I am assuming all the way down the end of it.

The details of the earthquakes can be found at EMSC web page. Just click on the earthquake of interest to get the scientific data on it.

There have been done studies on the volcanism on Reykjanes Ridge. But I do not know how detailed they are.

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  1. I think I got my registration ok.
    You mean this earthquake: :
    2010-10-02 21:25:59.4
    2hr 58min ago
    76.51 N 7.58 E 2 4.8 SVALBARD REGION

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