Possible glacier flood from Grímsfjall/Grímsvötn glacier lake (Unconfirmed)

There seems to be a glacier flood did start this morning in Grímsfjall glacier lake. Based on the tremor, the glacier flood is already subsiding or something of that nature. So far this glacier flood has not yet been confirmed by monitoring scientists. So I am unsure what exactly what is going on. But current activity seems to have started around 13. June 2012, when the tremor changed from normal background noise to higher frequency noise. This can be seen on the SIL station from Grímsfjall volcano.

Grímsfjall SIL station tremor reading. The spike marks what seems to be a glacier quake taking place. Copyright of this image belongs to Iceland Meteorological Office.

This harmonic tremor started early this morning. But it can be up to 12 to 24 hours before the glacier flood is visible in the rivers that flow from Grímsfjall volcano.

The second SIL station that tremor appears on from Grímsfjall volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Iceland Meteorological Office.

Until there is official conformation what is exactly going on in Grímsfjall volcano. It is bit hard to know exactly what is going on there at the moment. But I hope that it is going to be cleared up in the next few hours or tomorrow. There are no signs that an eruption has started in Grímsfjall volcano at current time. It is impossible to know if that is going to change following this events that are taking place in Grímsfjall volcano.

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    1. And VOT at roughly the same time – have they taken them down while checking the situation, I wonder?

  1. Can you clarify the time of harmonic tremor please? I was under the impression this SIL had been showing harmonic for some time longer than you say.

    Thanks. SJ

  2. The activity in Grímsfjall volcano was most likely glacier movements of some type. Since last year eruption Grímsfjall volcano has gone quiet. Due to how large the eruption was last year.

    There is little glacier water in Grímsvötn lake at current time. So no glacier flood should be expected any time soon.

  3. What is it, I think you mean. It hasn’t stopped. Maybe just the weather though. Maybe a small jökulhlaup or hydrothemal goings on.

    1. Station GRF is currently not updating, so what you see now is yesterday’s data.

  4. Hi Jón, I have a couple of videos of Eyja. yesterday, I believe that even small clouds of steam comes out, it is possible? yet.
    Note: Mila from Webcam

    1. I do not know. But it does not appear on my geophone that is just 3km south of this SIL station. Might have been a car traffic or something of that nature.

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