Bogus news story going around about Katla volcano

There is a bogus news story about Katla volcano. The bogus news are that Katla volcano is just few days from erupting. This is wrong. At the moment there are no signs that Katla volcano is about to erupt. There is currently a relative quiet in Katla volcano, compared to the activity several weeks ago. But that activity started after the minor eruption in Katla volcano in July 2011 (this summer). This bogus news is also annoying the staff at Iceland Met Office, how are now getting phone calls about this news. Where other professionals are trying to get more information on this or just trying to figure out if the news is correct or not.

For the moment, it is all quiet in Katla volcano. If there are any changes. I am sure to write about it here with up to date information on what is going on. While the Yellow Press is looking for big-foot or something. So once again, the yellow press has it wrong and spreads minor panic following this poor news reporting.

News about this in Icelandic.

Nágrannaþjóðir óttast Kötlugos á næstu dögum (, Icelandic)
Norskir miðlar: Óttast flóðbylgju í kjölfar Kötlugoss – Getur gosið hvenær sem er – Kötlu illt í maganum (, Icelandic, Picture from the 1918 eruption in this news)

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