The year 2012 myths – Official blog stand notice from me (Jón Frímann)

I am getting a really tiered of the year 2012 myths that are making there way into discussion here. This nonsense has been outright debunked long time ago as can be seen here.

So this is a official policy notice in regards to this blog of my part. Any comment that refers to the year 2012 myth in part or a whole is going to be removed in all future blog post. If you feel the need to discuses such matters do it somewhere else. This is not the place for it. As this is serious blog about serious volcanoes in Iceland (and sometimes in other part of the world too).

We might put up a idea on volcano activity here. But that is all good. As such ideas can often be wrong. But that is part of the process of learning. But repeating nonsense is not. It is a waste of time and energy to do so. Both mine and other readers and commenter’s on this blog.

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  1. For those who are intrigued by celestial Doom&Gloom™, I enthusiastically recommend some of NASA’s clima lowflyingrocks and AsteroidWatch twitter feeds.

    Example …

    2010 TG19, ~46m-100m in diameter, just passed the Earth at 11km/s, missing by ~four hundred and thirty-four thousand km.

    Hmm. That was a close one!

  2. PERSONALLY, I think that 2112 was one kick arse album. One of the better works by Rush.

    I especially liked “Temples of Syrinx”


    1. 2012 is just a story but be careful even in fairy tales there is always a kernel of truth or a lesson to be learned It is man’s imagination of what he could do that has brought science and technology this far. Losing the imagination in favor of all science is as bad as losing the science in favor of all imagination. Lose one of these and you threaten the other.

      1. Yes, the winds of imagination are blowing and gathering strength as in a small chorus that builds. Is this self-feeding, collective imagination just falling on the fertile ground of the unsettling aspects of global recession and nuclear threat which may just end up being temporal, OR is there something else going on deeper underneath the human imagination factory well beyond typical derivations that trickle up into consciousness.

        Beware lest you casually dismiss such rumblings and fail to look deeper into the human psyche. As you point out, try to find the kernal of truth hidden in the metaphors, like 2012.

        Time will tell.

      2. Like geology, the human marking of time, like 2012, or 2000 for that fact, is irrelvant. But like the contractions of a mother, they come faster and stronger. We’ll have to see what the coming years bring.

        But, I concur this is left better for another blog.

      3. The Y2K doomsday was real, and it came… then left.

        I personally know of a serial converter board that went belly up when Y2K hit us. It made an automated position report track backwards for 4 hours until we yanked and replaced the board. Until then we had to update the position manually.

        Now THAT was a catastrophe. I wish they were all like that.

    2. Umm.. 2112 is an album I used to listen to in High School.

      Funny they should call it that since most of the students were.

  3. Well Al Gore started it with his fantasy movie Inconvenient Truth, now everyone believes every Hollywood Blockbuster

    1. Snicker…. must be late.

      “An Inconvenient Toot” – A story relating the global hazard of bovine gastrointestinal emissions.

  4. i’m all for sticking to the science….. we learn from it………and it’s more interesting.
    and as a side note/ i’ve been kinda watching the weather in Iceland thru the cams for
    a while now and it’s interesting how often our local weather looks like Iceland’s.
    Clear/Clear;;;Cloudy/Cloudy;;; Windy/Windy………. very interesting to me…
    And Jon…. i think You are located on the northern shore of Iceland??
    Is that much colder than the southern parts in the winter or is it more protected
    from the Atlantic storms….
    And Thanks Again for the Blog!

    1. I currently live in north part of Iceland. It is a bit colder then south part of Iceland. That is down to ocean currents. There is no difference in protection from atlantic storms all over Iceland.

  5. Forgive me Jon to comment on 2012. I have a great interest in Astronomy and particularly in Archeoastronomy, so I want to share about what it is known. 2012 is just the end of the Mayan Calendar. The Mayans did not predict any end-of-the-world scenario. Neither do the current Mayan elders. For the Mayans (mythology or not), the world was created anew every 5125 years. We know from history that the world existed well before 3114 BC!! What I found interesting is that 5125 days is almost one fifth of the Earth’s procession, this could mean that *maybe* the Mayans were aware of Earth’s procession. Otherwise it might just be coincidence. Also around 3114 BC that there was a major climatic shift on Earth, with obvious impact in many civilizations. Many civilizations start developing astronomical megalithic temples. I found this interesting. I could speculate that maybe the Mayans were aware of some sort of cycle we are not aware today. Anyway, this is just speculation and before and after 3114 BC the human civilization still continued. Religious craze has always happened, as well as a fascination towards the skies and about its cycles. Therefore, I am very confident that (almost) everyone will be here in 2013, with our world being exactly the same. This said, this will be my 2012 comment ever made on this blog, because my interest here is on volcanoes!

    1. I’m more inclined to look at Bond events. Those are the things that will “getcha” in the middle of trying to be a civilization. The problem is, no one is really that clear on what exactly causes them, or for that matter, what exactly they are. Some are wet, some are dry, some are in between.

      (Great, that sounded like a David Allan Coe song.)

      The only thing certain about Bond Events, is that something climatological changes. Radically. Could it be a shift in the ocean currents? Possible, some have speculated on that being the cause, other thoughts lean towards a hemispherical pattern shift in the winds.

      We have just recently realized that Niño/Niña events aren’t as cut and dry as we thought. There are the Modoki events interspersed in the pattern. (Modoki => “similar, but different”). That’s where you have a Niño but it pops up about half way across the Pacific instead of it’s expected position.

      It’s all stochastic and some fools actually think that they can predict it when they can’t even get a 7 day forecast correct.

      On a lighter note… the NW Pacific might have an early winter storm dropping in on them soon.

    2. Year 2012 is NOT the end of the Mayan calendar! This misconception was originally “invented” by an Austrian christian missionary already in the end of 19th century, who was well-known for his keen interest into Apocalyptic events. The date December 21 in year 2012 marks only an end of one calendar cycle in the Mayan calendar, after which there will be another identical cycle.

      So, the date 21.12.2012 is in effect an identical date to 31.12.1999 in the calendar used in most of the world. It’s just like the last date of a millenia, and a precursor to a new millenia.

      So please, stop spreading this nonsense!

  6. A lot of people have a hard time understanding logic, cause-and-effect, and things of a complex nature. Those folk are generally the ones who are easily led to believe in stuff that is mystical, supernatural and new-age mumbo-jumbo. But their frailties are not their fault, so I have empathy for them. They try their best to make sense of the world, they just lack the optimum tools with which to do that. That’s my only comment of 2012-ism. And I agree, let’s stick with science here.

    1. I not sure that you are being fair there.

      Y2K was a huge Doom&Gloom ‘logic’ bomb that fizzed to nothing.


  7. Personally I like to encourage this sort of thing. When dates like these come and go it serves as massive demonstration both of the importance of critical thinking and of the complete and disastrous refusal of virtually all Western education systems to actively cultivate such skills. Ask your local public school officials what grade students are expected to know what a fallacy is or be able to cite examples of fallacies from news media or political messages. They either won’t know (because such content is never covered), will mistakenly believe it is covered at some point or just won’t care.

    Is it cruel to encourage people to believe in foolishness? The 2012 business will end in roughly two years (followed by something else) the foolishness that media and political propagandists (but I repeat myself) peddle will last a lifetime.

    But you are right to keep this stuff off your blog. This is not the proper venue for promoting bizarre beliefs. That’s for the nightly news and the NYT and such.

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