Update on the 4-August-2022 on the eruption in Meradalir valley in Fagradalsfjall mountain

This is a short update on the eruption in Meradalir valley in Fagradalsfjall mountain. This article is written on 4-August-2022 at 15:17 UTC.

  • The eruption is stable for now. The fissure has closed up in part and now the eruption is only take the south part of the fissure and the centre.
  • Crater has not formed because of the lava lake that is at the south end of the fissure.
  • The amount of lava coming up is around 20 m3/sec¬† to 30 m3/sec at the moment. This amount might change without warning.
  • The valley were (Meradalir?) this eruption happens is getting full of lava and the bottom of the valley is now 800C hot lava pond, the valley might fill up after about one week of an eruption (according to the news) if the flow of lava remains the same. The lava has started flowing into other nearby smaller valleys (not sure if they have any names). If the eruption slows, the time it takes for the eruption goes from one week to three to four weeks until Meradalir valley is full of lava and starts to flow in the direction of roads and other infrastructure in the area.
  • The eruption fissure can started expanding in both direction if the current eruption vents can’t handle the flow of magma. It has been noted in the news that the north part of the fissure is on the move and that increases the risk of eruption in the north part of the fissure. The south part of the fissure is all under lava, both new and old so it is impossible to monitor that part of the fissure.
  • Harmonic tremor (middle band, 1 – 2Hz) continues to increase and that shows a increase in magma flow in the magma dyke. This suggests to me that a larger eruption is possibly on the way. When that might happen is impossible to know.
  • Largest earthquake in the last 24 hours had a magnitude of Mw3,4 at 09:26 UTC. Yesterday (03-August-2022) an earthquake with magnitude of Mw4,6 took pace at 05:42 UTC and a magnitude Mw4,2 took place at 12:00 UTC. This earthquake activity is interesting, since it continues after the eruption starts. Minor earthquakes also continue after the eruption starts.
  • There is more water is this magma, making it degas more when it erupts. There is also more dangerous SO2, CO, CO2 gas in this eruption because there is more lava erupting.

I’ll post next update when something new happens or by the latest of Friday (tomorrow). Since I plan on posting updates on this eruption every Friday unless something happens (eruption starts at new location and so on). The normal day to day changes are mostly just minor stuff.


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Reykjanes and Kr√Ĺsuv√≠k volcanoes updates on 26-February-2021 at 15:37 UTC

This is a short update on activity in Reykjanes and Kr√Ĺsuv√≠k volcanoes.

At 12:06 UTC an earthquake with magnitude of Mw4,4 took place in Fagradalsfjall mountain. Swarm of earthquakes with magnitude above Mw3,0 have taken place and that activity is ongoing. It is difficult to write any good article with this high level of earthquake activity on Reykjanes peninsula. Deformation of the crust because of this earthquake activity has been detected by Icelandic Met Office. Nothing suggests that magma has found a path to the surface so far.

Green stars on the Reykjanes peninsula from south-west to north-east. A lot of new earthquake activity shown by red dots on the map.
Earthquake activity on Reykjanes peninsula. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Unusual amount of hydrogen volcano gas have been detected in Svartsengi for the last day. It is unclear why this change is happening and more research is needed to see what is going on there. There is no report of increase in other volcano gases at the writing of this article.

If anything major happens I’ll post update soon as possible.

Little connection to the internet 15th – 29th of April, also broke

Since I’m moving back to Denmark I’m going to be without any internet connection in the days between 15th to 29th of April. I might have some limited internet connection during that time, but nothing that I can use to write articles or continue to monitor earthquakes activity.

Any activity in that period can be posted in comments to this article. I’ll try to make a new short article before the comments close automatically after 14 days.


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Happy new year 2012!

I wish everyone a happy new year! I hope that everyone is going to have a good year 2012. Thanks for the reading and the support during the year of 2011. Without it I would not have made it as I did.

Thanks for the year 2011. Now lets see what the year 2012 has to offer.

The importance of good science in geology (and other fields too)

I am not going to make this a long blog post.

I know that many of you find that I have been unfair when it comes to deal with certain ideas about geology and how it works. The truth however is that this was a lot more then just a idea, or a hypothesis. The claim was that “evidence” had been found for the claim to support. But from what I did see, no evidence where provided in support of the claim. To to be fair, it was sad that this idea might be wrong and wrong it was in my opinion.

This is what I call bad science. It is something that is not going to work and is never going to. The scientific method (wiki) is well established way of proofing claims and ideas.

For instance, all that I do in terms of geology and other fields of science fall all under this process. If I fail it is a important step, because it at least gave me a result to work with. When doing science, it is important to life with the fact not everything that is done is going to work up, or even get that far before it fails so spectacular that they did notice in the next lab over.

I do not dismiss everything that I read. But I am going to dismiss it if no evidence is provided with the claim in question. I my self is working on few ideas, that I have at least started from start up around 40 to 50 times on times. Just because it failed my test and did not fit the data that was observed.

This is how progress is made. With hard work and good scientific method. What is not progress is Pseudoscience (wiki) that in fact return nothing in the short and long term. I have for too long seen this happens on the internet and I am not going to let this happen to any of my blogs that deal with science topics (including this one here. It is a slow, slow blog).

Ideas are good and all that. Just tell the world if you have any data or not when you put your idea forward.

I also want to point out this two articles here. They are not science in them self. But they might explains one or two things about why I am strict on this matter and with the comments. But I want to keep this blog clean and good for all my readers.

5 Ways to Stop Trolls From Killing the Internet (Cracked.com)
Internet Argument Techniques (Cracked.com)

Thanks for the understanding.

Summer plan, Denmark, PayPal and other information

Summer: I am now going to start working in few days. I think that this work is from 08:00 to 17:00 every day. So updates might be an bit few while I am working. But I am going to do my best to cover what happens in earthquakes in volcanoes while I am working. But I am working so that I can pay down my debt faster then I normally would have done with just my welfare benefits that I get in Iceland. I need to pay down my debt, as it has gotten quite high since I was unable to make my living in Denmark at current time.

Denmark: I plan to moving back to Denmark in about 2 to 3 years time. But Iceland is not my place in terms of culture and people. That is just the way it is. While Iceland is my place in terms of geology that is just not enough for me. But before I move back to Denmark, I am going to have the income that supports my living in Denmark. My plan is that I am going to move to Copenhagen and live there for infinite amount of time. I might move to Portugal at later date (10 years later?), but at the moment that is just an idea that I am exploring for the moment. Nothing might happen with that idea when it comes down to it.

PayPal: I have given up on having credit card in Iceland. So I am closing it down from July. This means that I also am going to close down my PayPal account, as it is connected to my Icelandic credit card. But do not worry about this. I plan to open up an new PayPal account and connect it to my danish card. That is more easy, as it is technically not an credit card. But still can be used on the internet for paying for stuff like normal credit card. If people understand what I am meaning. This process is going to take few days until it is fully completed. When it is done, the PayPal donations buttons are going to appear again on this web site.

Other: I don’t think that there is other information. I forgot what I was going to write here, so it cannot have been important for me. But if it, then I am just going to post update here about it.

Everything has gone quiet again in Iceland

After the eruption in Grímsfjall volcano last week everything has gone quiet again in Iceland. Earthquake activity is currently low and all earthquake activity in volcanoes remains low at current time.

Because of that I am going to take me an little break until I move to Iceland. Unless something of interest happens in Iceland. Part of this time I am going to in the sun here in Denmark and check out the beautiful ladies that populate Denmark (if you are offended by this, then I am sorry for you). ūüôā

For those how want to know about my money status. June is going to be rather broke-ish. So all supported is welcomed. But I am not going to request it specially as I have done before. Thanks for the support all. ūüôā

Minor lack of updates when moving back to Iceland

While I am moving back to Iceland there is going to be a minor lack of updates. But while everything is quiet this should not really change a lot. But if anything happens it is not guaranteed that I can post information about it right away.

Quiet time continues in Iceland

The quiet times that have been ongoing in Iceland for the past few weeks continue. It has been been my experience over the past few years that when this type of long quiet happens. Usually there is a medium to large event that follows it. Sometimes it is volcanic. But in most cases it is a medium (Mb5.0+) sized earthquake that follows it.

But while the quiet time continues I am going to write a short story and publish it on Amazon as a e-book. More on that when I set-up a special blog about my story publishing.