New hot springs detected at Road 1 in Hveradalabrekka in Hengill volcano

The Icelandic Road administration did send out this news report today that new hot springs have been detected at Hveradalabrekka on Road 1 in Hengill volcano. This is an area that sees some heavy traffic. I can’t post pictures here because of copyright, but they can viewed in the news article below.

According to the Icelandic Road administration it seems that the area in question has been getting warmer for some time. According to them the current temperature around 86 degrees celsius. This is the area on a map from website.

The main road one as it is south of Reykjafell mountain in Hengill volcano. Also on this map is Þrenslahnjúkur and Hveradalir are marked in on the map.
The main road 1 on Hengill volcano. Close to the area that is now warming up. Screenshot of map from

Next is to check why this is happening and if there is any risk the Road 1 in this area and if anything can be done if that’s the case. I am unclear on what is going on, since this area (I don’t think this one, but nearby) is known for hot spring activity. There has been some earthquake activity at this location in recent months and that is possibly connected to this new hot spring activity. On 9th of May this area had a Mw1,1 earthquake at the depth of 4 km. Over a time period of 130 days, the number of earthquakes in this area is not unusual for Hengill volcano or Reykjanes peninsula in general. This area of Road 1 might continue to get warmer over the next few months.

Vegagerðin news in Icelandic

Jarðhitavirkni undir Hringvegi ( – has pictures of the area.


Rúv has published a news about this and has a video of the area where this new hot spring activity is happening. This is new because vegetation is in this area and is now dying off.

Allt að 100 gráðu hiti mælist við veginn (Rú, Icelandic)

Update 2

Icelandic Road Administration web camera shows the new hot spring area. The web camera can be viewed here.

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