Earthquake swarm on the Reykjanes ridge close to Eldeyjarboði blind skerry

During the night of 27-August-2022 an earthquake swarm took place close to Eldeyjarboði blind skerry. Largest earthquake had a magnitude of Mw3,1. Other earthquakes where smaller and at this distance, only earthquakes with magnitude above Mw2,2 were detected. The distance from Reykjanestá is about 80 to 90 km. Last eruption in this area was in the year or around the year 1830. Location of the earthquakes detected is not accurate because of distance from the SIL network.

Green star far from the coastline of Reykjanes peninsula on the Reykjanes ridge with few orange dots in a line with it. The green star is second one on the left
Earthquake activity on Reykjanes ridge. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

What is happening at this location is unknown. This can just be normal tectonic activity or this can be earthquake activity related to volcanism at this location. It is impossible to know since the area is under ocean and unless an eruption is seen. This can be assumed to be normal tectonic earthquake activity in this area.


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