Earthquake swarm in Tjörnes Fracture Zone rift valley

Yesterday (27-June-2022) an earthquake swarm started in Tjörnes Fracture Zone in a area north-west of an place called Gjögurtá. Largest earthquakes where felt in Siglufjörður. The largest earthquake had a magnitude of Mw3,2.

Green star out in the ocean showing the largest earthquake in a small earthquake swarm that took place far north of Akuryeir town. Few earthquakes east of Grímsey island
Earthquake activity in Tjörnes Fracture Zone. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

In June 2020 this area had a large earthquake swarm with earthquakes that had a magnitude of Mw5,8. This might be an aftershock of that activity. I am not clear if that is the case, but it is a possibility.