More earthquakes at Hamarinn volcano

The volcano named Hamarinn in Vatnajökull glacier is a small and relativity unknown volcano in Iceland. As it has not erupted in recent history. Currently it is so unknown that it isn’t even properly registered at Global Volcanism Program website for this region in Iceland.

Currently the area is producing a lot of earthquakes. But those earthquakes appears to more tectonic in nature at this stage. Currently there is nothing indicating a imminent volcano eruption in the area. But that in it self might change with a short notice, as this area is volcano active. But it is also important to notice that the sequence that leads to a eruptions in this area is relativity unknown due to long dormancy in this area.

It is clear however that is worth keeping watch on this area in the nearest future. As history has shown that in Iceland that volcanoes do come with surprise eruptions with little to no warning at all. Hekla volcano is being the most famous volcano that behaves in such manner.


Hekla geophone is offline due to technical fault

Due to technical fault at Hekla geophone it is currently offline. The station did go down at 13:07 UTC. Why that did happens is unknown at this moment.

The station is going to be online soon as possible. But it might take few days until it starts sending data again.


Earthquakes deep on Reykjanes Ridge

Around midnight tonight there where earthquakes deep south of Iceland. They where located on Reykjanes Ridge, by the far south end of it. At this distances it is hard to know if the earthquakes are related to tectonic activity or a volcanic one. But at this location there are volcanoes, but volcanoes do cover Reykjanes Ridge. But I am not sure how far south that actually goes. But I am assuming all the way down the end of it.

The details of the earthquakes can be found at EMSC web page. Just click on the earthquake of interest to get the scientific data on it.

There have been done studies on the volcanism on Reykjanes Ridge. But I do not know how detailed they are.


Quick note on harmonic tremor levels

There was a storm passing over Iceland. This has affected the tremor levels on IMO sensors. Mostly highland seismometers that get hit by stronger winds then those at lower altitude.

Volcano tremor appears differently at IMO sensors then wind noise and noise from ocean waves. But IMO sensors also pick those up at lower frequency bands (0.5 – 2Hz).


First blog post

This is the first blog post on the Icelandic volcano blog. Here I am going to post news about Icelandic volcanoes. I will provide as good coverage of Icelandic volcanoes as possible.

There is still some work to be done on this blog. But that should be done in next few days.