Magma on its way up the crust in Fagradalsfjall mountain, last measurements shows 1600 meters left (1,6km)

According to a news on Ví (linked below) the magma has started to rise in Fagradalsfjall mountain. At the time of the measurement from a satellite the magma had around 1600 meters (1,6km) left until it reached the surface. At the speed the magma was travelling, around 130 meters a day an eruption was expected to happen around 11-January-2022. This is the current estimate, but that might change of the magma increases or slows down the speed it is going up in the crust.

It is unclear what area is going to erupt since the new dyke is more alongside the older eruption dyke. There is more chance than less that new craters are going to open up and start erupting, some of the area is under fresh lava from earlier eruption. Making the area look interesting when this eruption starts.

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Kvikan á uppleið en á enn 1.600 metra eftir (Ví

6 Replies to “Magma on its way up the crust in Fagradalsfjall mountain, last measurements shows 1600 meters left (1,6km)”

  1. Well darn….. Just when things were getting exciting,, it all comes to a quiet halt.

    1. It seems that the magma lost pressure on the last few km. It happens, but I am expecting that the pressure is going to increase again in next few days to months.

      Icelandic Met Office has warned that an eruption can happen in Fagradalsfjall mountain without any warning.

  2. A story on (English) said on 7 January that an eruption is now less likely, they say “The latest measurements indicate that the magma in the intrusion has started to solidify.” This is in reference to the magma intrusion that caused the latest earthquake swarm.

    1. The current activity stopped but because how this works. A new swarm is going to start in few weeks at most or at any time without warning. This is also why an eruption can start in the area without any warning and little earthquake activity.

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