Picture gallery of the eruption in Fagradalsfjall mountain

Here is a picture gallery of the eruption in Fagradalsfjall mountain. The area has changed a lot since I was there on Saturday 8th May. This is my first attempt at picture gallery on this website so it might not work perfectly this time.

Collection of pictures from my walk to the eruption in Fagradalsfjall mountain and the way back.

The eruption has changed a lot since I was there on Saturday 8th of May. The main crater is far larger than appears on camera. The camera view makes it difficult to see how big the main crater really is. When I was there the main crater was about 50 meters high and the eruption was stable after changes during the morning. At the time I left around 15:20 the eruption was changing back to its former lava fountain pattern. I was at the road by around 16:30 (more or less) the eruption had almost changed back. The lava field has created its own weather with strong wind and whirl winds that appear without any warning. There has been a lot of moss fire because of lava spatter from the crater lava fountain that can go up to 600 meter distance when it erupts largest lava fountains that can reach up to 400 to 500 meters. Part of the area shown on the images is already under lava from recent days. I took videos and they can be found on my YouTube channel here. The main crater changes a lot every day as the lava reforms it. Collapses in the main crater are also frequent and happen every day, what is different is the scale of the collapse when they happen. Some collapses are large while some are smaller.

What might be happening in Fagradalsfjall mountain is that a new volcano might be forming. At least that is my current view but that might change as more data and time passes and more is learned about the eruption and what is happening.

Article updated at 22:09 UTC.

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  1. It seems the lavajets have the same rhythm as the geysit Strokkur.
    Both system have an eruption-explosion every 5 to 10 minutes.
    Is this coincidence or might there be a coherence in underground activity?

  2. Very interesting how it has that rhythm . Right now it’s erupting for about 2 min every 4 min or so. The timing has changed over the last 2 weeks, with a couple episodes of constant eruption in there. This eruption is so much cooler than the one at Big B a few years ago. 🙂

  3. Hi Jòn many thanks for your post, and your picture gallery worked. Having been up to see it myself today I know how difficult it is to photograph the scale of it. Frequent bursts of geyser-like activity when I was there this afternoon.

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