A small call for a support

I hate to ask for this. But I am in need for donation from you good people. The reasons for this is because I am broke and my income does not cover my bills and cost of living in Denmark. I already knew that I was heading into problems when I did see the bills come in. Both in Iceland and Denmark. But the main problem was when I got the electric bill here in Denmark, it was for 952 DKK (128€) and that did break my budget completely. As I don’t even have enough money too pay for all my bills and too buy food for the rest of this month. I also had a high phone bill as I was paying for three months there. My budget this month for Denmark was 3470 DKK (468€) after I did pay what had to be paid in Iceland. The total bills payed in Denmark this month (what is left) is 4008 DKK (541€).

Based on this. I have made a final decision. I am going to move to Iceland on 5. June as planned. I have made the decision to stop my attempts to stay in Denmark. I might one day move back to Denmark. But not until I have the income to support it and that might take many years until that happens. If I move back to Denmark at all. But that is unclear at this point in time.

I don’t know how June is going to be. But I hope that it is going too be more simpler. But for June I have to pay the rent for the last time in Denmark. My moving costs are going to be covered by a bank loan as that is my only option. My problems are going to be over after that point. As the costs that I have to pay

Thanks for the support! I am going to do my best in covering Icelandic volcanoes as always.

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  1. Looks like things are moving forward.

    I setup a subscription a month or 2 back now. Hope that helps with things.

    1. I do not know. But here in Denmark the electricity is paid every three months. But it is still a lot of money for every 30 days. But in my case it is 317 DKK (42€) for every 30 days or more. As I had no too little usage first when I moved to Denmark in February. So I figure that a full three months usage is going to be a lot more expensive for me then what I pay now. As it is not full three months usage.

  2. When I move to Iceland I won’t have too ask for donations as I do now. Because then I am going to be less broke then I am today.

    But I want too thank you all for the support. I am going to do my best too monitor Icelandic volcanoes. 🙂

  3. Wednesday 04.05.2011 10:50:54 65.149 -16.992 0.1 km 2.5 99.0 21.9 km NW of Dreki

    As some might of seen. very shallow, i guess the next few hours will tell if something more will happen or would it be longer after 2+ EQ?

  4. This not all complete loss. I have learned many good things on living here in Denmark.

    I am considering moving to a small town named Hella in few years time. So I can get a good view of Icelandic volcanoes. That is Hekla volcano, Eyjafjallajökull volcano and Katla voclano and few others. If I move to Hella town. I am going to setup a web cameras and point them too all the volcanoes that are close too this town or can be viewed from it.

  5. I can’t cancel my Google Adsense account yet. Since I have not gotten 60 DKK in it. But that is the Google cancel limit.

    Because of that I am going to have two large banners. As they pay more in Google Adsense then smaller banners.

    1. It is not advisable to share personal bank account details in public.

  6. This might help when you get back to Iceland, but have you thought of setting up a volcano tour company in Iceland? You could take people to all the best places to see what Iceland has to offer.

  7. Now I see why. We in the Pac NW are starting to suffer some of the “rate creep”
    due to wind power…
    I’m a supporter of Geothermal and Hydro as my kind of renewable..

    1. That’s due to the heavy subsidies wind power needs to be built. And also to be at least not bleedingly non-profitable to be operated…

  8. Just so you all know. I dedicated to donate a €10 too a person how had here laptop destroyed by a accident.

    I might be in my own money problems at the moment. But that does not stop me from helping others if I can do so.

    This is here YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/ZOMGitsCriss

    I thank you all for the support that I have got trough this hard time. That are thankfully coming to a end when I move back too Iceland.

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