Update on the crack in Þingvellir (Thingvellir), Almannagjá fissure

Tonight Rúv did have a news about the fissure that did open up in Þingvellir (Thingvellir) few weeks ago. Now scientists have started to explore this new fissure. So far they have measured that it is about 10 meters deep. It is still unclear how long it is. The current theory is that this new fissure started to open up after the Mw6.8 and Mw6.7 earthquakes in SISZ in the year 2000, or the Mw6.3 earthquake in the year 2008. But that is however unclear at this time.

What appears also to have happened is that ground water have cleaned out loose material in this new fissure. This might possibly have deepened the fissure. But this aspect of this new fissure is still a bit unclear one. But what is the most amazing thing is that the road has not started to collapse earlier then it did. Due how big this new fissure appears to be.

News on Rúv about this. Use Google translate at own risk, as Google does not know what Icelanders are saying.

Furðulegt að ekki hafi hrunið fyrr (Icelandic, video (Windows Media Video), picture, Rúv.is)

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  1. Off-topic: I have decided to stay in Denmark, as I did say somewhere before. I just hope that people can respect that with me. My reasons for doing so are that it is a lot better for me to have my income as a writer in Denmark then in Iceland. It is a currency exchange rate thing. But this means that there is at least one hard month left for me to go over. That month is May. After that this is going to get slowly better for me here in Denmark.

    This is not going to change how I am going to cover eruptions in Iceland and earthquakes.

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