Donations needed for April 2020

This is not a long story. But I had a extra tax bill to pay with Denmark and few other bills and that did result in this and there are still three weeks (almost four) weeks left of April. Donations do help me a lot in keeping this website running. Like many other website and YouTube creators I’ve only been able to keep this website running because of the support I’ve been getting with donations. I had to add advertisement back because I can get some extra income from those even if this are just advertisement from Amazon.

Please remember to support my work if you can. It helps me to eat this month and just doing the normal stuff (there isn’t a lot to do in a small town, but anything helps).

Thanks for the support.

Update 17th April 2020

Since I am getting really few donations in the rest of April is going to get really difficult for me. I don’t know yet how I am going to deal with this problem but I just have to hope that something shows up.

Update 28th April 2020

It is still few days left of April and I’m still broke. I got donations and they helped me to buy food for a day or two. I think that recession following covid-19 is hitting my donations like everyone else that depends on this type of income. I am hoping that May is going to be slightly better for me but its too early to know for sure when this is written. I am hoping to have some type of balance back by June when I finish paying the Danish tax I have to pay for the year 2019. I don’t know if this is the last payment of tax for Denmark, if not then I don’t have to pay anything until the year 2021 as it now is (when the year 2020 tax report is due). After that I won’t pay any more taxes to Denmark because I don’t plan on moving back to Denmark.