Earthquake in Torfajökull volcano

Today (20-Juli-2019) at 14:15 UTC an earthquake with the magnitude of 3,3 took place in Torfajökull volcano. This earthquake took place in south part of the caldera of Torfajökull volcano. This earthquake might have been felt by tourists in the area.

The earthquake activity in Torfajökull volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

There has not been a lot of aftershocks following this earthquake for now. Last earthquake with magnitude above 3,0 took place on 12th of July and this means there might be a serious increase in earthquake activity in Torfajökull volcano. There are no obvious signs that Torfajökull volcano is about to erupt but it is also not known what is needed to make an eruption happen in Torfajökull volcano. Best action for now is to continue to monitor the activity in Torfajökull volcano.


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    1. I just write about Iceland. I do write about occasional large earthquake and large eruption if it happens. I always write about Mw8,0 or larger earthquake when they happen.

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