Moving to Denmark, also broke

I’m currently in the process of moving to Denmark. My plan is mostly going as I thought it would do. With one minor exception, I’m having less money then I expected due to the computer failure I had about 1 month ago. That did cost me around 50.000 ISK (355,69€, 405,68$, 2.649,15 DKK). That is a problem for me and continues to leave me bit broke. Any support is welcomed, or the rest of April is going to be rather difficult for me. This was not my original plan, since I had saved up for all the transport cost and some extra on top of that. But then the computer had to fail and since I can’t be without computer I had to buy a new one the cheapest way possible. I did that, but I still have a shortage of money when it comes to transport cost due to this.

This month, donations are needed if people can afford them. I know that not everyone that reads my website can afford supporting me with donations, but that is not a problem for me. [Added] If I don’t get a lot of donations I’m going to have a problem buying food all of April. Due to how things did go when it comes to the money problem that showed up (and I didn’t like it).

Advertisement changes

Few months ago Amazon allowed me to start in Amazon CPM advertisements. The difference from the normal Amazon advertisements is that I get paid per view of this website, rather than just sales as the old Amazon advertisements have had. For this reason I’ve moved most of my advertisements to Amazon CPM. This should bring more targeted advertisements to people that are looking for stuff to buy, even if that is not what people come on this website for. I won’t get any huge amount of payment from those advertisements at the moment. I also get payments if people buy something from those advertisement, under normal commission from Amazon U.S. Amazon CPM advertisements is not an option for the UK, DE, FR and Canada advertisements at the moment. I don’t know when they are going to start there. Until that happens. I’m also going to run normal advertisement that just pay when people buy something trough them.

The reason why I don’t have Google Adsense advertisement is simple. They have video advertisements with audio and video. They also have advertisements with audio only and that is just not acceptable in my view. For that reason I won’t have Google Adsense on my websites. There is also all the Google Adsense red tape that follows it. I am however going to have them on my YouTube channel, once I’ve set that up again.

Article schedule

I am going to have rather good internet connection or at least some internet connection until 14-April. Until that time I can post articles here. Once I’m in Denmark I won’t have internet connection until 29-April. I might be able to write some short articles in that time, since there is a library in the town that I’m moving to. But access to it might be limited (I’m not sure). If anything happens I’ll try and cover it, but I might not be able write about it right away, depending on the situation I’m at the time.

Please note that I won’t be on Twitter while I’m moving to Denmark. Just on Facebook.

Article updated on 02-April-2016 at 22:50 UTC. Fixed missing text.

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  2. You can eat tonight Jon, I just sent you 25 euro. Good luck for your forthcoming move to Denmark!
    Cheers, Mike

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