More magma in Hekla magma chamber then before 2000 eruption

According to news today on there is now more magma in Hekla volcano then before the 2000 eruption. The news says that since the year 2006 there has been more magma in Hekla magma chamber then before the last eruption in the year 2000. This has not meant an eruption so far. Hekla volcano magma chamber have the depth of around 10 to 20 km. This means this inflation that is now taking place does not appear clearly on the surface, but changes are being measured by GPS system that Icelandic Meteorological Office has. This is also appearing on GPS instruments that geological department University of Iceland has. Even if inflation is now more in Hekla volcano then during the eruptions in the year 1991 and 2000 it does not mean that next eruption is going to be bigger. Since the size of the eruption depends on how much of the magma is mobile in the magma chamber. That amount remains unknown until eruption takes place and even then not all of the mobile magma might erupt.

It is also pointed out in the news that it is risky to go on top of Hekla volcano as is. At least while no eruption has taken place currently. Since the risk of eruption is in place and the time from magma starts to move and until eruption takes place is short. Often less then 1 hour. It is advised in this news that people should not go on top of Hekla volcano. The risk is that eruption starts and trap people on top of the volcano, with deadly consequences.

It is possible to read the Icelandic news here. Please use Google Translate with care. It’s not always correct.

Kvikusöfnun meiri í Heklu en árið 2000 (

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