Advertisement is now live on the blog site

As you may have noticed. I have placed two ads from Amazon (as Google Adsense was not working) UK on my web site. I try to have ads as low key as I can have them. I am going to add Google Adsense ads to the blog when it starts working.

Next weekend I am going to add ads to my webicorder web site. I am going to use the same low key approach as I do here. I do hope that the ads don’t bother people. As I know that annoying ads sometimes drive away people from reading blogs and even big web sites. I do want to prevent that from happening to my blog and web site.

Thanks for the support.

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  1. So far it is looking good.
    My only point is that the left add might make the field of commentary a bit cramped when there are five-levels of reply, and that happens often in here:)
    But I guess it would not be hard to shift it to the right if needs be.
    I say we try it like this:) May you get some cash!

      1. The automatic move appears to be built in by the wordpress theme. But it is good that it does so, since I would not have known how to fix that if it was an issue.

  2. I hate advertisements. As a rule, I block any and everything I can.

    But in this case, I have added exceptions for your blog. It’s worth the distraction.

    1. I also hate advertisements. That is why I am going to have them as low key as I can. But the thing is that stuff is not free in this world and I have to make a ends meet somehow in my budget.

  3. At least Amazon has some style in advertising, i like the ads style, even if i almost allways use adblocker and noscript. but for this blog i also deactivated it, it would be a shame if this blog would go down because of the costs.

    so far, everything is fine : )

    1. It would not go down. But it would mean that I had less time to think about this type of stuff. I am going to try to make this my job. As I want to be self-employed in this stuff.

      At least I can try and fail if not anything else. But this blog is going to continue for so long that I can pay the domain and hosting costs. 🙂

  4. Okay, Jón, it would be very pity if you wouldn’t succeed.
    I think as adds go, these are decent.

  5. I can’t see them, so I guess my attempt to unblock adblock for here failed.

    I’ll try again tomorrow – justgot in quite late at night in the UK.

    If someone could post an idiots guide to unblocking adblock I’d be grateful.

  6. How do I disable adblock plus for this website? The FAQ at adblock says

    ‘I sometimes want Adblock Plus to be disabled. How can I do this most easily?

    You can click on the arrow of the Adblock Plus icon in the toolbar to bring up the menu. There you have the option to disable/reenable Adblock Plus. If this isn’t fast enough, simply press the middle mouse button on this icon, it will also disable or reenable Adblock Plus.

    In the menu you also have the option to disable Adblock Plus on a certain page. It will add an exception rule like @@||^$document to your list of filters. You can find more information on exception rules in Writing Adblock Plus filters.’

    But I can’t find the option to disable adblock plus or an adblock plus icon in the toolbar.

    I have noscript running, too, and this blog is one of several websites I keep in open tabs on firefox.


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